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Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in L, My Family | 0 comments

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Dear L – 5 months old

Dear L – 5 months old

Age – 5 months

Weight: 12lb 14oz

Dear L,

You’ve changed so much since our last post. You’re looking more like your sister everyday. I have lots of people coming up to me saying you look like NOM when we are together as family. Looking at past pictures of you big sister at a similar age, you can definitely tell that you are siblings but I think you look more like mummy and NOM more like daddy.

Dear L

NOM loves you so much and now wants you to play with her. She gets a bit over excited sometimes but her heart is in the right place and she forgets sometimes that you are little. Just wait till you get older, you will have a friend for life but I really don’t think she’s too keen to share her toys with you just yet!

You don’t like to be on your tummy much but prefer to try standing. You are a very nosey baby and you like nothing more than to have a birds-eye view of your surroundings, listening in to the conversations around you. It’s funny sometimes as I often catch you just watching me talk to other adults as if you are part of the conversation yourself. I think that this is a sign for the future – that you are going to be an even more of a chatterbox than your sister.

You are growing much like your sister – slowly but perfectly. I did have the lovely health visitors telling me that you weren’t putting on enough weight but by looking at you there is definitely nothing wrong! You are an alert, active and curious little child and I think you are growing perfectly fine so mummy is ignoring them.

You are now beginning to grip things with your hands, including poor mummy’s hair. Colourful toys and TV programmes catch your attention and you love to be sung to. Sharing a bath with your sister is another thing you love especially splashing about with your legs,although I don’t think you sister is quite so amused with being drenched by your over zealous kicking of the bath water. Mummy also took you swimming for the first time which although you were unsure at first, you began to enjoy the actions and movements in the water but you were pretty tired by the end of it.

You are still trying to master sitting up and you much prefer this than being lay down on your back. Rolling around is one of your favourite past times too, especially when mummy leaves you on one spot on your play mat, nips out of the room for a minute and comes back to find you half way across the room.

Mummy was pleased when you slept through the night for a few nights but this was short lived and you are now up at least once (if not twice) in the night for a feed. This is making mummy very tired but she still enjoys those night time cuddles. I think now though that it is time to think about giving you your first tastes of food, particularly now that you sit and watch people eat in fascination.

Dear L

I’m looking forward to the next month little man and will be relishing my last month of maternity leave with you……

Lots of love,

Your Mummy xxx

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