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Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in L, My Family, Reviews | 0 comments

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Dentinox Infant Colic Drops and Teething Gel: A Review

Dentinox Infant Colic Drops and Teething Gel: A Review

We had recently been asked to review some popular products from the Dentinox range and we were thankful of this as L had been showing signs of struggling to get rid of excessive wind as well as teething. Dentinox produce a variety of different baby products that help to support babies’ health and some of the issues that may affect them.

Dentinox is proud to be a specialist in baby health, a place it has had in the hearts and minds of mums and dads for over half a century.  And with 50 years’ experience of knowing just what babies need, Dentinox understands how tough it can be to treat baby health woes. 

These include colic, cradle cap and teething where the Dentinox product range help parents treat the symptoms of these to help soothe baby.

Trying Dentinox Colic Drops

As L had been struggling with bringing his wind up, he often spent lots of time after feeds writhing around, crying and generally looked in discomfort which in turn made things difficult for myself and daddy as it’s tough watching your little ones in pain and feeling helpless in trying to soothe them. We spent many a time bouncing him on our knees, rubbing his tummy and patting his back to help him bring up his wind, but at times it felt like this was all we would do and then it would start all over again as then he would be due his next feed. It was just a vicious circle – one that I was keen to break.

So having the opportunity to try the Dentinox Colic Drops gave us some hope that we might have found something to help L with his wind. The Colic drops come in a simply packaged box with the Dentinox green branding and the actual suspension itself comes in a white pot with flip lid (it is fully sealed before initial opening). It also included a handy syringe which makes giving the exact dosage of the colic drops easy to give to baby or add directly to a bottle.

Dentinox colic drops

You just fill the syringe with the colic suspension upto the 2.5ml line and give it either directly to baby midway or after a feed, and if you bottle feed then its perfectly fine to put it directly into their bottle. As I breastfeed L, I had to give it to him directly from the syringe so I used to give it L mid way through a feed (usually when I changed breasts) as I did try doing it after a feed but found he spat it out more as he was already full from his breastfeed.

Another issue we had was that you can only give it to baby a maximum of 6 times during a 24 hour period so if you breastfeed on demand (like I do), then you need to plan when to give it to baby and at which feeds. We found that giving it every other feed worked ok for us but during growth spurts I had to carefully plan when he suffered with wind worse (usually in the evening and night feeds) so waiting to give the colic drops at those more important feeds to make sure we kept within the dosage limits.

The suspension itself is white in colour and I found it quite thick in consistency. It had a pleasant smell but it did take L a few times to accept the colic drops as I don’t think he was too sure on it at first. He did get used to the taste and I do recommend persevering with it if your little one isn’t so sure when you first start to try it. I also found that the 2.5ml dosage seemed quite hard for L to take all of as the suspension is quite thick, but I would say he took in at least half of the required quantity most of the time.

Dentinox colic drops

As with other colic relief products we have tried, it does take a few days for the active ingredient in them to take affect as the amount builds up in the baby’s system. It’s also important to give it religiously and as evenly out during the day as you can so that it has a chance to work as effectively as it can consistently. With L I found it great for bringing up those initial big burps which helped give him some instant relief, although he did still struggle with that deep down wind that was obviously trapped earlier in the feed which generally ending up coming out of his other end!

I would recommend this product if your baby is struggling with wind/colic symptoms but to persevere in giving it baby, and be religious in giving it regularly throughout the day to enable it to work as effectively as possible. You get 100ml per bottle which is enough for 40 doses so each bottle should last around a week. We are now weaning L off the colic drops (he’s now 13 weeks old) as he seems to be much better at getting his own wind up himself now that his gut has had chance to mature a bit, which is great news! But no we have another issue arising….

Trying Dentinox Teething Gel

Over the past few weeks, L has been coping with his wind much better but as one problem improves, another surfaces in the form of teething. The signs are there for L with him gnawing on his hands constantly, producing a sea of dribble daily (bring out the dribble bibs!) and the most painful one for mummy – chewing her nipples, so it was time to try the Dentinox Teething Gel.

The teething gel is simply packaged with the Dentinox signature green branding and the tube inside is perfect for transporting and popping in your changing bag.

dentinox teething gel

All you need is a small amount on a clean finger and rub gently directly onto your child’s gums and from the photos of  using it with L, it gave immediate relief for a very cranky teething little man.

applying dentinox gel

L loved the taste of the teething gel and enjoyed me rubbing it on his gums and it must have helped with the pain as it made a cranky little L turn into a much happier baby! What’s good about the gel is that it is safe to use from birth which to me is a big plus as all children teeth at different ages so if you have an early teether then this gel would be perfect. It is also sugar free and helps to prevent infection which is vital for when those peggies start to break the surface of the gum line. You can also apply the gel as often as needed which is great if the soothing effects of the gel wear off and baby is still in pain. It comes in a 15g tube and with the amount you apply each time, it should last a fair while, depending on how often you need to use it.

I would definitely recommend this teething gel for babies who are really suffering during teething. It’s really easy to use, L seemed to like the taste, you can it apply it as often as needed and it’s suitable for all ages.

Where to buy

The whole range of Dentinox products are available from leading supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys), Boots and independent pharmacies. Prices for the colic drops start from £2.40 with the teething gel starting from £1.34.

If you want to find out more about the range of Dentinox products and how they could help you and your baby then please feel free to visit their website.

*Please note, that in order for me to complete this review, I was a bottle of Dentinox Colic drops and tube of their teething gel free of charge, but all my comments and views are my own*


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