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Our first week of weaning L

Our first week of weaning L

Now that L is coming up to 6 months, I had to face the fact that I needed to start preparing to begin his weaning journey. I have to admit that I wasn’t keen on weaning NOM, much preferring the easiness and closeness of breastfeeding. It is no different now. Having to accept that my boy is growing older and no longer relying on mummy milk is at the minute difficult to accept; but accept I must. So L’s weaning journey began this week….

With NOM I pretty much did baby-led weaning with her having just a week or so of spoon feeding until she reached 6 months (we weaned slightly earlier due to her reflux). Now she had really good hand to mouth co-ordination and was able to pretty much put things straight into her mouth at the age that L is now (which made baby led weaning much easier to follow). But L isn’t as confident in doing this just yet. I would say that he is just beginning to gain strength in his hand grip with co-ordination lacking just yet. So for him, his weaning journey will be mainly spoon feeding for now.

Now L has been watching us longingly as we all eat for a while, as well as increasing his frequency¬†of ¬†breastfeeds (particularly at night) which for me were signs that he needed to begin weaning. We started just by letting him have a suck on things that we were eating such as toast, banana, apples – we were just careful in what we let him have a try just to make sure that it wouldn’t upset his tummy or be easy to break off in chunks that could then become a chocking hazard.

Then this week it was time to try him with a spoon and some small amounts of smooth food. His first food to try was porridge in the form of HIPP organic creamy porridge. He enjoyed this and I must admit was pretty much a natural with taking food from a spoon.

We continued with just a bit of porridge for a few days for breakfast then came some fruit and the most obvious first choice to try is banana. Soft and easy to mush but I knew only to give L just small amounts as it can cause constipation if given too much. So I let L take the lead with how much he wanted and banana was a HUGE hit!

We also introduced a Tommee Tippee free flow first cup filled with cooled boiled water. He is beginning to hold the handles but cannot lift it to his lips just yet. But he is trying – even NOM took to showing L how to do it!


Again, we carried on with giving banana in small quantities – even mixing it with his porridge and letting L take the lead with how little and how much he wanted along with encouraging him to take water from his sippy cup as often as possible. We did notice that once we had started weaning L, he didn’t pass a bowel movement for nearly 4 days, but once he had done one his movements became more regular as the week went on. I think it was just his body getting used to him taking in some solid food although I will admit to being a bit anxious when day 4 came – never have I been so happy to see a poo (apart from potty training NOM)!!

And our final taste this week was home-made vegetable soup (made with low salt stock). L really loved this and he ate quite a bit of it and I don’t blame him, mummy had some too and I will admit it was tasty!

So there we have it, L’s first week of weaning. I think it’s gone quite well and he seems to be enjoying his first tastes of food. Now mummy has to think of some new tastes for him for week 2!

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