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Posted by on Jun 20, 2014 in My Family | 47 comments

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Keeping Britain Breast Feeding – My decision to breastfeed

Keeping Britain Breast Feeding – My decision to breastfeed

Here at Preschool Mum, we are taking part in the Keeping Britain BreastFeeding Scavenger Hunt.

The aim of this is to inform and educate families about breastfeeding as well as providing an online platform for people to share their knowledge and own experiences during National Breastfeeding Awareness Week.


As part of the Keeping Britain BreastFeeding Scavenger Hunt, our first blog post is all about why I chose to breast feed:

Finding out I was pregnant with my first child NOM in late February 2011, I was quite daunted by all the decisions that we had to make in preparation for her arrival – cot, moses basket, car seat, pram – but I had always aimed to breastfeed her. For me it is the most natural thing in the world to feed your child yourself and it’s something I was determined to give a go.

We were told about about the general benefits of breastfeeding and how it has positive effects for both baby and mum, so I thought it would be daft not to even try. But I also had my own priorities as to why I personally wanted to breastfeed my baby, some that I had from the onset, and some that then developed during my breast feeding journey;

1. My most important aim of breastfeeding was helping  me make a bond with NOM. Having never had a child before and having had no experience of how to feed a baby (or even anything else I had to do when caring for a newborn for that matter!), I felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to help us both make a connection, allowing us to share something that only the both of us could do together.

2. Then came the positive health benefits for both myself and NOM. I knew my breast milk was made specifically for NOM, helping her to fight off infections, be nutritiously specific for her growth and kinder on her tummy which was important considering her terrible reflux. For my health, it helped shift some of my baby weight as well as lowering the risk of ovarian and breast cancer in the future.

3. Cost. A very simple reason but formula is expensive and with another mouth to feed and a drop in pay from the norm due to being on maternity leave, every penny counted and breastfeeding helped with this as it was free!

4. Convenience. Now this was not a reason initially, but it became one as I began my breastfeeding journey. It was so easy just to whip out my boob and feed NOM (particularly at night) than to sterilise and prepare a formula feed. Even when I expressed to make a bottle, I always found sterilising and cleaning the bottles a complete faff and was quite glad that I didn’t have to do it regularly.

5. Lastly, this might seem strange to some but I enjoyed it being me that controlled NOM’s feeding. Looking back at how she grew, how she developed, how she put on weight and knowing that was all solely down to me! It gives you such a great feeling of satisfaction that not only did you help grow this little life inside of you for 9 months,  but you (and only you) helped continue that journey once born.

I will add that I was under no illusions that breastfeeding was going to be easy and to be perfectly honest, (besides the birth itself) it was the one major thing that worried me. I had always said that I would give breastfeeding a go but would not put added pressure on myself to make it work if it wasn’t. It’s much better to have a happy healthy mum and child, than a stressed out mum trying to breastfeed when it was clearly not beneficial for either involved.

I was lucky in the fact that breastfeeding was successful but it wasn’t without the hardships, particularly in those first few weeks (I’m still haunted by the toe curling cracked nipples). I’m sure we all have our own reasons for wanting to (or not to) breastfeed, some more a priority than others, but we all want what is best for our babies and whether that is breastfeeding or through formula, the end result should always be happy, healthy babies and their mums!

Now it’s not only me at Preschool Mum that is getting involved in the scavenger hunt. There are some other fabulous bloggers who are writing about their experiences, tips and funny memories with regards to breastfeeding so why don’t you pop over and have a look! To name a few are:

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and if you want to see the full list of other blogs participating then take a look at the website.

There are also some great brand sponsors that have joined us all too and are providing some fantastic prizes that will help in caring for your child. So why don’t you join in with the scavenger hunt by visiting the different blogs and completing the rafflecopters wherever you see the Keep Britain Breastfeeding logo. Full rules of the scavenger hunt can be found here.

We have also collaborated with the a great brand to give you another chance of winning a fantastic prize that would be invaluable to any mummy or mummy to be who is/planning to breastfeed.



The breastvest is an ingenious garment that you wear underneath your nursing bra and existing clothing so that it covers your postnatal tummy, hiding those lumps and bumps to enable you to breastfeed without feeling self conscious (which is one less thing to worry about when you’re about to whip your boob out in public to feed your child!).

breastvest (2) breastvest (3)


breastvest is a revolutionary item of breastfeeding underwear which makes any top a breastfeeding top and makes breastfeeding in public easier.

Designed, tested and approved by breastfeeding mums, breastvest is held in place by straps and scoops just below your nursing bra, completely covering the postnatal tummy. So when it’s time to feed, mums simply lift up whatever top they are wearing to breastfeed, safe in the knowledge that breastvest has them covered.

breastvest lets mums get back into their favourite clothes sooner, letting them breastfeed whenever, wherever and wearing whatever they want with confidence.

This would be a lovely gift for any breast feeding mummy/mummy-to-be and would have made breastfeeding in public so much easier for me had I had one when breastfeeding NOM. If you would like to win one (along with joining in with the scavenger hunt), then please complete the actions in the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I just knew it was what I always wanted to do.

  2. Eek, cracked nipples still haunting me too!

  3. I didn’t decide until she was born. From that moment it seemed the natural thing to do. After a tough start, we’re now at 13m and still going strong. x

  4. Great post. For me, I wanted to breastfeed my son Daniel because I knew it would give him the best start in life and that once we got established it would be much easier to do. Sheer determination kept me going in the early weeks trying to get established, struggling with positioning and sore nipples, but I’m so glad I did.

  5. To help me lose weight, because it was free, and to offer health benefits to my baby

  6. I agree with all your reasons for breastfeeding but hadn’t really thought about the last one.

  7. I chose to BF as it felt like the most natural thing to do….and free! I struggled but managed to give my daughter my milk for 6 months by expressing for over 5 months. Due baby#2 soon and will of course be trying again :)

  8. I had always wanted to breastfeed!

  9. I always intended to breastfeed because breastmilk is the most natural source of nutrition and comfort for a new babe. When my tiny dot was born she was only 4lb 4oz (at 38weeks due to preeclampsia). I felt like my body had failed to grow her. As she piled on the pounds with breastmilk, I was so proud of my body being able to grow her on the outside as well as all the other benefits she’s had from it. She still has 2-3 feeds a day at 15 months :-)

  10. Ooh yeah cracker nipple from poor latch those first few days, ouch, at least with my second I knew more and corrected latch and healed nipple before really bad

  11. Is it bad to say that initially I chose to breastfeed because mixing up formula and sterilising equipment and having to remember to take extra bottles on top of everything that a baby needs even when just ‘popping out’ and having to listen to screaming baby whilst heating up milk, all sounded way too much work! Now, I bf because it is the best feeling in the world when she looks up at me with a little smile that is all for me and no-one else! :-)

    • A lot of my reasons ring true in your answer hun! xx

  12. It wasn’t a choice – just what I was going to do!

  13. There wasn’t a choice, it was just what I was going to do.

  14. Thanks for sharing

  15. Hardest and best thing you can do for your little one! :)

  16. I wanted to give it a go, struggled and then was more determined than ever to succeed.

  17. I BF mainly for the health benefits for us both but also to save money

  18. I never saw formula as an option – my daughter is not a cow!

  19. I wanted to bf so bad with our first son and visited the bf clinic probably a dozen time, we tried everything yet he just wouldn’t latch on, I felt like such a failure as a mum as well as a woman, why couldn’t I do it when it’s the most natural thing you can do…finally a midwife who was specialised in tongue tie saw us at the clinic and voila! No one during all those weeks of battling had noticed our little baby had a very bad tongue tie, unfortunately by the time we got it fixed he was already too used to the bottle that no matter what we tried he just wouldn’t bf. I did pump 7 times a day for 4 months and then gradually moved on to formula. Our second son was lazy, he just wouldn’t have any of it thus pump became my best friend again, now our 3 month old daughter doesn’t like the breast either but she does occasionally suck with a nipple shield and yep, I’m pumping again :-/

    • Sounds like you’ve had such a struggle hun! Good on you for persevering and exploring other ways of giving breast milk xx

  20. It’s free and something only I can do for my child

  21. It wasn’t so much a decision as a determination. I did spend 6 months of the pregnancy scared I wouldn’t be able too though!

  22. I can’t wait to get started!

  23. I think it was more a case of I didn’t decide to not breastfeed. I see bf as the default best option.

  24. I breastfed each of my babies. I just wanted to give them the best start and what comes naturally. 4 out of my 6 were born premature so had to initially express milk to feed them via tubes. I have nothing against mothers who choose to bottle feed though. When mine move on to bottles, they didn’t experience any problems.

  25. Its best for baby and its free

  26. It was just something I wanted to try!

  27. my sister says because its just the most natural thing to do

  28. Best for baby – free and convenient.

  29. It wasn’t really a choice it was just always how I expected to feed my babies and thankfully I’ve been able too without any problems.

  30. Emotional and physical bonding, it’s free, promotes good health for mum and baby, incredible for personal growth for mum and baby

  31. Best for baby and easiest for me, I love making milk in my sleep, no need to get up and make a bottle

  32. I wanted to breastfeed originally, to lower the chances of me developing hormone fed cancers, and because it apparently offered my daughter a similar degree of protection.

  33. It didn’t even seem like a choice to me – breastfeeding is what boobs were made for!

  34. I wanted to breastfeed as it seemed like the obvious choice – why would I pay to give my baby powdered milk designed for cows when I could feed him on-tap milk designed especially for him!

  35. great bonding time, its free and im too lazy to make up bottles and carry them round

  36. After failing with my first I was determined with my second as breast is best! <3

  37. I chose to breastfeed after getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes and learning of the health benefits of it, lasted 27mth with my 1st now on 7wks with my 2nd

  38. Because it feels so natural, helps bonding, is convenient and saves money

  39. It was the right thing to do! I have since discovered the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of breastfeeding; it’s definitely worth the sacrifices involved.

  40. Healthier for baby and free


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