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The Dyson Bladeless Fan; Keeping Cool in style!

The Dyson Bladeless Fan; Keeping Cool in style!

Now in our household, Dyson is known to us for their fantastic range of vacuum cleaners, exploring innovative designs that have revolutionised the world of hoovering as we see it today. So when we were invited to the Dyson Keeping Cool Event at the Trafford Centre to explore their new design of bladeless fans, we jumped at the chance to take a look at their revolutionary new design of fan.

#KeepingCool Dyson Event

Arriving at the event, we were met by the lovely staff at Dyson who personally demonstrated their new range of bladeless fans known as the Dyson Air Multiplier. All were put on show for us to see how they worked and how they compared to a traditional fan. We got to see the various sizes and shapes the Air Multipliers can be purchased in, and we were treated to a informative discussion by the designer of the bladeless fans, talking in detail about how they were developed and the way in which they achieve the same powerful air production of a normal bladed fan, but without the use of blades.

Seeing their range of bladeless fans for the first time I will admit that they look like something from space and look nothing like what you would expect from a fan at all. They have an extensive range of different designs to suit the purpose and space that the fan is needed to cool and I am sure there is one to suit all tastes!

Dyson bladeless fan

What was exciting to see was the fan’s ability to produce powerful cooling effects without the use of blades, and with this is mind the safety of their use, particularly with little children in the house. This is very appealing to me as a mum as there is little need to constantly remind and observe children in avoiding them putting their fingers into the holes of a bladed fan. And how do they achieve this without blades might you ask?

Air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor. Airflow is then accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an airfoil-shaped ramp, which draws in further air and channels its direction. This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow.

airflow diagrams

This also means that the movement of the air flow is constant meaning a consistent flow of cool air is released from the fan to help keep the room cool as demonstrated in my video clip below (with the help of some balloons of course!!).

Another great aspect of having no blades is the reduction in sound that the fan makes which is great when you want to site the fan in a place where you need it to be as quiet as possible.

Dyson’s newest fans have significantly improved acoustics. With re-engineered air flows, a lower-power motor, redesigned loop amplifier and motor bucket, the new fans are up to 75% quieter and more energy efficient. A larger space at the loop amplifier base and reduced airflow obstructions means less turbulence and therefore less noise.

With these improvements in the fan technology, the Dyson Air Multiplier has been given the international Quiet Mark award in recognition of how their technology has been developed to produce a product that not only produces less noise in terms of volume, but also noise that is less offensive to its listener. Although the fan is quiet, it isn’t silent so therefore any sound that it does produce has to be as easy on the ears and with the award of the Quiet Mark, it has successfully achieved this.

The Dyson Air Multiplier has been tested rigorously, looking at destructive, endurance, performance and reliability testing meaning that it has been put through its paces to ensure that it lives up to the expectations of its users in all aspects of its use.

All these exciting characteristics of the fan along with its ingenious design and appearance, we were excited to find that we were going to receive one to test out ourselves!

Testing the Dyson Air Multiplier (AM06 model)

When our Dyson Air Multiplier arrived, we excitedly opened the box – I think hubby was more excited than me! We received the desk fan version (Model AM06) in black/nickel colourway. It was so easy to put together and within minutes it was set up and ready to use.

receiving dyson

I couldn’t believe how lightweight it was. This made it great for moving from room to room as needed. It also has a sufficiently long power cord so it is great if your plugs are in unusual places.

We first tried the desk bladeless fan in our bedroom. We currently use a large stand up blade fan in our bedroom which is large and bulky so is was nice to try something different that was on a much smaller scale. What we loved was the ease of use through the remote control meaning we could change settings at the touch of a button. The remote control allows you to increase or decrease the power of the airflow flowing out of the fan, select whether you want it to oscillate or not, and cleverly it can add a timer onto the fan ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours – a great energy saving feature!

We liked the look of the fan in our bedroom with it looking much more appealing than our large stand up bladed fan and its bladeless design is fantastic for allowing it to be easily cleaned – no more dusting in between awkward grids that cover fan blades! The oscillating motion of the fan was seamless and quiet with and provided even and regular movement of air in across the room. With regards to the volume of sound produced by the fan, we found that an increase in the power settings did result in an increase in the sound volume produced by the increased air flow, but I would say compared to a bladed fan there is a decrease in disruptive sound volume in comparison making it quieter but not silent. The only slight negative we found was that the desk fan version wasn’t powerful enough to cool our bedroom, but I think that was down to the size of our room and that we would probably need the Dyson AW08 Air Multiplier as this is similar to our bladed fan in size, hence comparative in power.

As we were not finding the fan powerful enough for our bedroom, we decided to try in  in NOM’s room which is much smaller. Plus it gave us a chance to test the safety aspects with it being bladeless. I must say it was great in NOM’s room. It made sleeping in her room much more comfortable for her during the hotter nights. We found that we felt at ease leaving the fan on the floor to direct the air flow to her bed so that it was keeping her cool efficiently. The oscillating motion of the fan was silent enough not to disturb her sleep and we could easily tilt the fan forwards and backwards to help direct the air flow more specifically. As we increased the airflow power (it as a range from 1-10 with 10 being the most powerful setting), the airflow sound obviously increased but even on the highest setting, it didn’t annoy NOM or disturb her sleep which for me is our sound test and the Dyson Air Multiplier certainly passes it!

fan in NOMs room

Key points:

– Quieter than a regular bladed fan but not silent which is expected for any fan!

– Bladeless in design so safer to use, particularly if children are in the vicinity of its use.

– Constant air flow means greater efficiency and effectiveness of the fan in cooling the room as well as up to 75% noise reduction when in use.

– 40% less power consumed when compared to AM01 model.

– Innovative designs that are minimalistic and more attractive to display in any room.

– Remote controlled so settings can be changed at the touch of a button.

– Height (for AMO6 Models) 55omm with weight being 1.8kg and cord length 1.8m

– A variety of designs and sizes available to suit all needs and rooms.

– Prices start from £219.99 (for AM06 models) to £299.99 (for AM08 models)

We have loved testing the Dyson Air Multipler and it has certainly made a positive impact on keeping NOM’s room cooler through its great design. I would definitely recommend this fan if you are looking for something that is quiet but doesn’t compromise on quality and effective use.

If you want to find out more about Dyson’s range of Air Multipliers then please feel free to visit their website or contact them via their social media pages via the links below:






*Please note, that in order for me to complete this review, I was sent a Dyson Air Multiplier (AM06 Model) free of charge, but all my comments and views are my own*

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