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Posted by on Feb 8, 2014 in Teacher talk | 2 comments

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My life as a teacher

My life as a teacher

Teaching has always been something I had been considering after leaving Newcastle University those many years ago (9 years to be exact eek!). I worked as a teaching assistant first to ensure it was what I wanted to do but as soon I began working with children, I knew that it was the right decision and here I am, teaching in Early Years in a local school in Oldham.

I won’t deny that it has all been plain sailing. It certainly hasn’t! Teaching (believe it or not) is a stressful and time consuming profession. Yes we get more holidays than most, yes we get to ‘finish’ at 3:30pm ¬†each day but our working days don’t end or begin when the children come into and leave the classroom. They end when our long list of things are completed (although mine are never completed as I always end up adding more) to ensure that we are well prepared for the next day and are up to date with giving each child the personalised learning they require and need to flourish. Hence most of the time it spills into my home time with family, as well as eat into my many weeks of holidays.

Although this may be, there’s no better feeling than helping a child make those little steps in achieving something they want to do such as zip their coat up, count to ten or even say their first sentence in English! To think that you were a part of that achievement – there’s not many other professions that can say that. I love how my days are never the same and it is the children that make these days rewarding, be it through something they have done, something they have achieved, something they have enjoyed or even just the conversations you have with them.

It is only now that I fully appreciate the important part that a teacher (or other childcare professional) plays in the well being of a child as I can now see this from a mother’s point of of view since having NOM. We are not only playing the role of a teacher, but also the role of emotional caregiver in the absence of parents whilst in our care (especially in the Early Years). This is something I am really appreciative of with the staff at NOM’s nursery as I know that in my absence whilst I’m at work, they are giving her the emotional support and encouragement she needs to reach her potential whilst I try to do the same for the children in my care.

I hope that you will join me in my blogging experiences as I talk about my life as a teacher as well as a mother and how both these worlds collide exist harmoniously (or not!)!!

Please feel free to share your experiences as a teacher!!!


  1. Hi, I am a teacher too, so I completely get where you are coming from. I work as a supply teacher, I have done for the last 7 years and before that I worked for 7 years in the same school. I only work part time and we just about muddle by!
    I love supply, I do a lot of work in early years too and have recently done two long term job shares in nursery classes, which I have loved.
    I am looking forward to reading your blog and seeing how your family grows bigger! X

    • thank you for your lovely comment Emma! I do love my job – hard work yes but rewarding! looking forward to expanding my blog too! xxxx

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