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Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 in Reviews | 2 comments

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A #Review of the Difrax BtoB Electric breast pump

A #Review of the Difrax BtoB Electric breast pump

When breastfeeding NOM a few years back, I quickly realised that for me expressing breast milk was a faff. It was time consuming, I hated sterilising everything and all that effort just to get a small amount of milk – it just didn’t seem worth the effort. But then maybe I was using the wrong equipment…..

I invested in a manual breast pump which did its purpose but not without spending many a moment pumping away in between feeding NOM and trying to get other things done around the house – the last thing that was needed was to waste half the day pumping away and have very little to show for it other than repetitive strain injury from the repeated pumping action!

Now with L the second time round, I was keen to try to embrace expressing with a bit more enthusiasm so that I wasn’t tied to L’s feeding regime all the time, especially when I needed to some ‘me time’ and some time to spend with NOM one to one. It would also give others the opportunity to feed L as I must admit, I was very reluctant to do this with NOM and it would mean me getting a well deserved break every so often. Therefore I was very happy to take part in reviewing the Difrax BtoB Electric Breast Pump in the hope that it would make expressing that much easier for me with L.

logo-difrax-bedrijf-1Difrax are a leading European manufacturer of bottles, soothers and baby care products:

Everything Difrax does is devoted to babies and their parents. Difrax aims to make innovative and fashionable products which make the lives of babies and parents as convenient and pleasant as possible – and we mean all babies and parents!

and their innovative designs extend to their BtoB electric breast pump which is very different from any of the electric breast pumps I have seen or used. Difrax had in mind that this innovative designed electric breast pump would help to promote extended breastfeeding by allowing the expression of milk to be carried out more discretely to encourage mothers to breastfeed for as long as they wish.

Packaging Design and What’s Included

Now looking at the design of the BtoB breast pump itself, it has a very space age looking design when compared to other electric breast pumps on the market. The packaging the pump came in was attractive and purposeful, displaying the pump in action. I also liked how the bottle that the milk is collected in sits securely in the base of the pump with a specially design indent that the base of the bottle hooks into.



What I was disappointed with was that the S baby bottle or the breast milk storage container were not included with the BtoB electric breast pump hence these would have to be purchased separately in order to make use of the breast pump. This is an added cost with the bottles starting from £6.99 and the milk storage container costing £3.99. When I purchase a breast pump, I expect to be able to use it straight away and not have to buy additional components (which are vital for its successful use) at added cost.

Assembly and Cleaning

Now when I opened the packaging to have a look at the contents, I must admit that I was a bit over whelmed by all the bits and pieces that were needed to assemble it. A quick read of the instructions was all it took though to get a better understanding of how to put it all together which although taking a while the first time using it, I have now perfected the assembly of the pump and can do it quickly and without the use of the manual.


The problem with having lots of bits and pieces, is that they have to be cleaned and sterilised thoroughly which I found to be time consuming as well as trying to ensure that I didn’t lose any of the pieces as some were quite small and fiddly. It would also have been nice to have an extra milk tube to be included with the pump to help reduce the amount of time sterilising that was needed, especially if expressing more than once in a day. But they can be purchased in a pack of 2 relatively cheaply.

Using the BtoB Electric Breast Pump

Now what is ingenious about this breast pump is that it can be used hands free due to the clever breast shells that are used to attach the pump to the breast. The breast shells come in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) to suit most breast shapes and sizes, and what’s even better all three sizes are all included with the breast pump. The way the breast pump works hands free is by creating a vacuum between the shell and breast, with your bra then acting as support in keeping the shell in place so that there is no need to use your hands. I was able to do this successfully most of the time but still (more often through habit) used my hands to apply pressure to the breast shell just to make sure that the seal remained secure and tight when the pump was in use. I also found that I couldn’t decipher if the medium or the large breast shell was the best fit for me – both gave me a good vacuum but were hit and miss with the amount of milk I could express which could sometimes be very little, but sometimes could be plentiful (which could also be linked to the times I was expressing rather than the pump itself).

pump in use

Programming the pump to work is simple and easy to use. A simple on button starts the cycle which for the first 3 minutes mimics that of a baby suckling to activate the let down reflex and then carries on the continuous sucking rhythm to express the milk from your breasts. There are also buttons to increase/decrease the intensity of pumping action on the breast which is great as you can adjust it to what’s comfortable for you as some mums need a more powerful sucking action than others to stimulate optimum milk expression.

base controls

The pump base allows the bottle to sit securely in place so that it isn’t moving about when the breast pump is in use – this I found to be a great aspect of the pump’s design as it meant that you weren’t knocking the bottle about when expressing and it allowed much more flexibility about where you could express.

pump and bottle

One thing you do need to make sure of is that the pump base is placed in a lower position than the breast shell to allow the milk to flow downwards into the milk bottle.

The BtoB electric breast pump can also be powered by batteries (4 AA batteries) or through the mains which allows the pump to be portable as you are not restricted to places that have a mains supply. I also found the pump quiet (although not completely silent) compared to others I have used which makes it ideal if you need to express in places where discretion is important.

Key Points

 – The Difrax BtoB electric breast pump retails at £149.99

– The S baby bottle or milk storage container needs to be purchased additionally to make use of the breast pump.

– Simple and easy to use – great for beginners!

– Can be quite fiddly at first when assembling but easy to do once established in using the pump.

– One of the quieter electric pumps on the market – great for discrete milk expression.

– Compact  and lightweight making it easy to carry around.

– Can be used via the mains supply or through 4 AA batteries giving you wider choices in where you can express.

– You may need to purchase additional milk tubes if expressing lots in the day to reduce the need to sterilise all the time.

I have enjoyed testing out the Difrax BtoB electric breast pump and will be putting the Difrax S Baby Bottle through its paces as well as their bottle warmer – Keep an eye out on the blog soon!

If you want to find out more about the range of products that Difrax have to offer then please feel free to visit their website or contact them via their social media pages via the links below:





*Please note, that in order for me to complete this review, I was sent a Difrax BtoB electric breast pump and S Baby Bottle free of charge, but all my comments and views are my own*


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  1. This sounds a really good pump, I like the shape of the bottles but all the little bits and pieces would annoy me a bit! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested
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