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Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in L, My Family, NOM | 0 comments

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A Week for Swimming Firsts

A Week for Swimming Firsts

Well it’s been a week of swimming firsts in our household. NOM began her first lot of swimming lessons with nursery (which she loved) and I finally got round to taking L for his first dip in a public pool!

I’ve been trying to get NOM enrolled for swimming lessons for a while but the pools around where we live only start from 3 years old so when her nursery asked if she wanted to start with them, we jumped at the chance. I think it’s important that children learn to swim not only for the fun aspect of learning but also for safety. You never know when you will need to know how to swim and I didn’t want to wait to find out.

NOM is a child who is full of energy (what child isn’t?). A lot of the time she has trouble  following instructions (she is a typical 2 year old, strong minded girl) and does what she pleases. So the thought of her having to follow someone else’s directions in a swimming pool did leave me wondering what might result from this. It was either going to go really well, or really badly! Now if I know NOM, I would have predicted the badly outcome, but when I went to pick her up from nursery I was met with the news that she had been given swimmer of the week for trying so hard to swim on her back – not bad for her very first swimming lesson! Very proud mummy moment!

This then got me thinking about L and the fact that he hadn’t had his first experience of a pool and he is such a lover of the bath that I was pretty sure he would love swimming. So off I went to research times for the pool at the local leisure centre and found that there was a parent and baby session just before NOM’s lesson on Wednesdays. This meant that I could kill two birds with one stone – take L for his swimming session and then watch NOM during her lesson. Result!

Arriving at the parent and baby session, I realised that it was actually a taught lesson! We quickly got ready for the pool and L looked so cute in his little Next 2 piece. I must admit that I was apprehensive myself about wearing a swimsuit again but I needn’t have worried. The pool was freezing but we soon adapted to the temperature and it didn’t seem to bother L. As the other mums seem to be used to the instructions, they could follow them really well where as L and I struggled a bit with it being our first time but I’m sure that will get better as we go more often. It involved lots of nursery rhymes that encouraged actions linked to swimming. A lot more enjoyable (for both of us) than I thought it was going to be but it’s 45 minutes long and I could tell L was getting cold by the end.

After the session it was the fight to get dressed but I thought it went ok but I’m glad I brought two towels for L as I used one for wrapping him up straight from the poolside because he was quite cold by then. L fell asleep straight away and I think we will be back next week as we both enjoyed it!

L swimming


Onto NOM’s lesson…

I really loved watching NOM in her lesson. I couldn’t believe how confident she was considering she had had only one lesson before. She looked so cute in her little swimming cap, swimsuit and arm bands. She amazed me with how much she listened although she needed guidance by one of the nursery staff. I was amazed at all the children in the lesson! Lots of opportunities to swim and practice what they had been taught in previous lessons. Really lovely to watch and I was a proud mummy watching.

I’m looking forward to watching both my little ones become water babies!


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