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Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in My Family, Pregnancy | 12 comments

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31 weeks pregnant (with a bit of toddler potty training thrown in!)

31 weeks pregnant (with a bit of toddler potty training thrown in!)

Where have the last 31 weeks gone! I don’t remember it ever going as quick with NOM. I have to admit that now I’ve hit the 3rd trimester, it’s going much slower but I think that may have something to do with my dislike of all this gestational diabetes (GD) malarkey! I’m feeling generally more tired and I seriously wish little man would get out of my ribs but besides that I’m not doing too bad.

Last Hospital Appointment

Coming back to the GD, I had my most recent appointment(s) at the hospital last Thursday. During my extended stay at the hospital, I got to see the normal midwife, my consultant, the diabetic midwife, the dietician and the anaesthetist! A mammoth 6 hour stint stuck in antenatal! argh!!!!!! Thankfully my future appointments shouldn’t be as full on but I was definitely exhausted by the end of it all.

All the midwife checks were fine and the consultant was happy with how I was managing my blood glucose levels with diet. Then came the diabetic midwife…… the lovely lady who was supposed to ring me back after first being diagnosed with GD. Well this lady took it upon herself to make me feel bloody awful! Her exact words to me were ‘this baby is growing too big for my liking’ Really?? thanks for that lovely lady, make me feel even worse than I already do. She then quickly scans over my readings and agrees with the consultant that they seem ok, and then proceeds to send me on my way to have bloods taken for yet another test of my glucose! It’s like they don’t believe me or something! I then spend the next half an hour being poked with needles as a nurse and a doctor try to take blood but my stupid veins don’t want to co-operate. The nurse was getting flustered over not being able to take blood, especially as she had to go back to my diabetic midwife to see if it was worth attempting another try – and yes, she wanted to continue, even trying to send me down to the thrombosis ward for someone to try there!?! In the end another midwife had to over rule her, taking the decision that it wasn’t that important to get the bloods done and they will probably try at my next appointment.

Then onto the dietician. They were both very nice ladies! Not as scary as I thought they would be as they scrutinised my diet but they seem pleased with my diet changes and basically thought it might be my portion control now that I needed to tweak. They also gave me some good snack ideas as this is what I was struggling with (and still am to be honest!). My final appointment was with the anaesthetist who I think has been the only person up to now who has treated me like a real person and not a BMI number! He apologised first for me being here but that my BMI was a trigger if over a certain number. He knew I’d already had a c-section (more than what some of the other professionals I’ve seen  have known – its sometimes like NOM wasn’t even born!) and that I’d successfully had one epidural. After examining the back of my throat and the vertebrae in my back, he concluded that an epidural may be difficult and that I should request it early if needed but there should be no issues if I needed a general anaesthetic. To be honest, I wasn’t worried about all this but it was refreshing to be treated somewhat normal and not like I’m the worlds worst person for being overweight!

Well roll on 20th March when it will be my next growth scan. I am so anxious about this as if he’s grown any bigger, I’m dreading to think what they will say to me! Will be nice to see my little one again though but please little man, please have slowed down growing a little bit for mummy!

31 weeks pregnant


The joys of potty training

Well NOM has been showing no signs of wanting to go on the potty at all up until the last week or so. Her nursery had begun to give her a few hours a day without a nappy and this last week, she’s taken it upon herself to begin to wee on the potty. Alas she wouldn’t even contemplate this at home, much preferring to refuse to sit on our potty and then wee in her clothes. So her keyworker suggested taking their potty home with us.

I thought I’d try anything as we’d been trying since Christmas and I was desperately hoping that she would be out of nappies (at least in the day) before little man makes his appearance. I know that we shouldn’t rush her, and we haven’t, but I was concious that she was getting on for 2.5 and still showing no interest in even trying. Anyway, we took it home and I left it in the front room where NOM was watching yet another re-run of Dumbo (she’s had a slight obsession with this film for the last 2 weeks – I could probably say the script word for word now we’ve seen it so many times!), I came in from sorting the washing out in the kitchen to find her sitting on the potty and had done a wee! YAY!!!!!!!! I gave her a big cuddle and a kiss and some sweets to celebrate her achievement. She was so proud of herself as was I of her! Very proud mummy moment!

Well we’ve now not looked back. She now only has a nappy on for bed and of course she’s had accidents which have tended to be when she’s not at home or nursery (the worst being poo gate at my mum and dads over the weekend which I think has traumatised my whole family!) which is understandable as she is not in her comfort zone. Our problems lie with number 2s now as she seems to be mastering number 1s ok. We will just have to deal with the number 2 accidents in the hope that she eventually realises her need to go, just like with weeing. We shall see how she goes over the next few weeks but I am certainly proud of her progress!


    • I’m hoping this potty training lark goes quickly! lol xx and thanks hun! xx

  1. Potty training! Are you actually mad!! Chlo decided to start trying to potty train herself while I was in hospital having a c section – honestly. As if I could deal with that lol.

    • lol Colette!! If I hadn’t have tried now, NOM would probably have done the same!! 🙂 xx

  2. You’ve certainly got a lot on your plate! Potty training seems to be going okay though, hope it continues to improve 🙂

  3. Bless you! I am so angry that you are left feeling ashamed or that you have done something wrong when you see the people who are supposed to be caring for you! I really hope the nice doctor makes an appearance again for you- it can make all the difference feeling that you have someone on your side. You can also request another midwife if you feel you need to.
    On a brighter note, all seems to be going well with the diet tweaks, and there isn’t long left now! Please don’t worry about what they will say about baby’s growth, you are doing so well and have nothing to feel sorry for.
    x x x x

  4. I’ve had some health visitors that left me feeling like I’d just failed a ‘mum exam’ – it’s awful! On the potty training front we also had a lot more work with poop, I’ve been told that’s really normal – especially with little girls for some reason?

    • I’m glad I’m not on my own with some of these professionals. It worries me how they are responsible for the care of people who may be feeling vulnerable. That’s good to know about girls and number 2 training! We have poo gate every day at the min! lol xxx

  5. Good luck in the run up to bubs arrival and also if NOM is ready for potty training you may have it cracked before baby arrives. Good luck!

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