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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in My Family, Pregnancy | 17 comments

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33 weeks pregnant….. 6 weeks en counting!

33 weeks pregnant….. 6 weeks en counting!

You might think that I’ve messed up my weeks from the title of this post. Surely I should have at least 7-9 weeks according to the average gestation period of 40-42 weeks. Well from my hospital appointment today, little man will be making his entrance into the world no later than 39 weeks gestation! EEEEKKKKK!!!!! that’s 6 weeks away (if he doesn’t come any earlier)! And I have nothing ready apart from his clothes (well his upto 3 months clothes – I’m still debating as to whether to bother washing the upto 1 month clothes, let alone tiny baby clothes that I needed with NOM). I love washing baby clothes. I’m even excited that we bought a new rotary airer for the summer so that I can see those little clothes drying on the line and smell that gorgeous just washed smell when you sit outdoors (SAD I know!).

So he may have clothes ready but nothing else is! I’m sure I was more organised than this with NOM! To be fair though, I did spend the summer holidays getting prepared for NOM’s birth where as with little man, I’m still working full time so much less prep time. I aim to do most things in the Easter holidays which for me is in 2 weeks time. I have attempted to start buying things for my maternity bag but only in dribs and drabs. I’ve managed to pack a dressing gown and purchase some ASDA little angels breast pads and maternity towels. They were a great price and I’m hoping they do the job for me. I want to aim to finish my maternity bag packing over the next couple of weeks and will do a what’s in my maternity bag post for you all in the hope that you might tell me what I’ve missed as I’m sure I will forget something. Plus there is one thing that is definitely going in that bag and it’s a HUGE bar of chocolate! lol! One thing I need to do now that I didn’t before is to pack for NOM. She will be staying with my in laws when the time comes as they live around the corner from us and can still take her to nursery. So even more things to pack and prepare and of course something that I will surely forget lol!

I am getting tired now and baby keeps head butting my bladder. This is an awful feeling and is so painful. I dread to think what it will be like as he gets even bigger. I’ll be walking like John Wayne in a bit lol! I also keep bumping my bump (if that makes sense??). I’m so clumsy! Even more so with this huge belly now…. I did have to laugh at work though this week. One of my little ones asked if my baby was still in my tummy, when I replied ‘yes’, they replied “did you eat it to get it in your tummy?” I must admit I laughed bless them. A reason why I love my job at times – the innocence of children’s thinking and just saying what they think!

Coming back to my hospital appointment that I had today, I have come out of it feeling better than others I’ve been to. I was lucky enough only to have a growth scan and a lovely diabetic midwife! I was dreading the growth scan. Lovely as it was to see not so little man on the screen, I was anxious to find out if he was still the huge baby they had plotted the last time. Due to my awful experience last time in the hospital, my mum decided that it was time she came along to one of my appointments (don’t you just love mums! Always sticking up for their kids, even when they’re all grown up!). We expected a long haul visit but as we were the first appointment, it was a fairly quick visit. I had my growth scan first. The sonographer was very tight lipped over the measurements of the baby which was a bit frustrating but she went through where the baby was lying and showed me all his body parts and his beautiful heart beat. He’s currently head down with his legs and bum in my ribs (he currently likes nothing more than to push his bum in my ribs and his head on my bladder – very uncomfortable when you’re desperate for the toilet!).

We then had a short wait for the diabetic midwife. I was dreading this one as I really didn’t want to see that awful woman from last time. Thankfully it wasn’t, but it was the lady who had overruled the other diabetic midwife at my last appointment to make the decision not to get any more blood work from me after 4 failed attempts. This put me at ease as she seemed nice then so hopefully she will be nice to me now! And lovely she was too! She talked to me about my levels saying that I’d done a great job keeping them within the limits they had set and even pointed out that some of my before readings were a bit low, falling under the target they had set me. She asked me if I was eating enough which is where my mum comes in – “no! she says she’s hungry all the time” which is true. I am. The diabetic midwife then explains that I am still allowed the odd treat here and there and that I need to keep eating. Easier said than done when in your head all you can think about is how the blood glucose is affecting the baby’s growth.

Then comes out the dreaded growth chart…….. See for yourselves:

Blood glucose levels and growth scan

YAY!!! little man has dropped off the 90th percentile and is now within normal parameters. Obviously he looks like he’s going to be a much bigger baby than his older sister but he may not be the big monster baby that they were predicting for me 4 weeks ago. I now no longer have to go in two weeks. My next appointment will be when I’m 37 weeks and I think then will be the time I will need to set in stone whether I continue with my VBAC or have an elected c-section. I’ve already been told that I can only have the gel as my method of induction (obviously they will try to break my waters give me sweeps) but if this fails then it will definitely be c-section. I’m not too fussed with either, as long as baby is here safe and sound. So no more hospitals till 37 weeks……. I hope!!!!

In more exciting news, I became an auntie again this week. Gorgeous Eleanor Crook was born on Saint Patrick’s day weighing a teeny 6lb 8oz of cuteness! Wishing my lovely sis over at itstartedwithasquish a big congratulations on the birth of her daughter!

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  1. Ohh it sounds like you haven’t got long left at all to wait. Eek! Such exciting news! 🙂

    • I know! eeeek! I’m not ready! lol xxxx

  2. Such exciting times!! Things like this make me want to do it all again. 🙂 I hope you are able to enjoy the next few weeks and aren’t too wiped out. Good luck!

  3. oh, how did I not know you were Danni’s sister? Congrats on your new niece! I’m glad you’re doing well with the GD etc- not long to go!
    x x

    • Its going so fast! eek! Yep, Danni is my little sister and Eleanor is soooooo gorgeous 🙂 xxx

  4. Oooh, so exciting! Only a few more weeks to go.

    Congratulations on your new niece, she’s gorgeous xx

    • thanks hun! I had Eleanor cuddles today! can’t believe how diddy she is 🙂 xx

  5. I was convinced my baby was going to be at least a week late, so I was shocked when he arrived at 37 weeks. I kept telling my mum “I was supposed to have another 3 weeks! I haven’t finished the curtains yet!”

    Have you had the gels before? They aren’t bad, though it does feel like someone has applied something spicy to you’re nether regions, so I’d recommend packing a few wet wipes.

    Good Luck!

    • I’ve never been induced before and really hoping I don’t have to this time! Thanks for the tips hun! Something to put in my maternity bag lol xx

  6. I’m not a mum yet so I’ve not experienced this excitement. I imagine it’s a mixture of emotions, I’m sure you can’t think of anything else. I hope all goes well for you. # sharefriday

  7. None of my kids have worn less than 0-3mo lol. I’m glad things are going smoothly with the diabetes 🙂 Not long now! x

  8. It’s good to know your pregnancy is going smoothly and you had lovely nurses and your check ups. x

  9. Glad things are going smoothly with the diabetes. Not long left now – exciting! 🙂

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