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Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in My Family, Pregnancy | 9 comments

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34 weeks pregnant and pox watch…

34 weeks pregnant and pox watch…

Well I’m now 34 weeks pregnant with now only 5 weeks to go before little man makes his appearance whether I’m ready or not! I must admit to having periods of panic now where I think eeek, I’m not ready! I felt much more prepared with NOM than I do with this one, even though it’s no longer an unexpected journey giving birth as I’ve done it all before.

I think my worry now is that the gestational diabetes will have an impact on my birth choices, as does my previous c-section. I’ve already been told that he will be here before 40 weeks and that I can only be induced via the gel so if that doesn’t work, then straight to c-section. My thinking is now whether to just go for a planned c-section. I’m so apprehensive about being induced that I’m seriously considering requesting a planned c-section. I’m wishing little man to come on his own accord as NOM was a spontaneous labour at exactly 39 weeks but if this pregnancy is anything to go by, then he will be stubborn and force me into induction territory. My next appointment at the hospital is in 3 weeks and I will be 37 weeks then so I need to have a serious think in the meantime about my choice of birth before its taken out of my hands…. but would appreciate any experiences with induction after c-section as the information I’ve been given is very limited at the minute!

As a treat to you all, I’ve took my first proper bump pic! After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I must admit to feeling a little down about my size and peoples comments on how big I am. I already feel awful that my body is failing with regulating my glucose levels causing baby to be big, the last thing I feel like is to see a photograph reminding me of that fact. I am not the most confident of person when not pregnant and hate having my photo taken, so sharing my bump pic on my blog is a big thing for me.

34 week bump

This week has been fairly quiet. We have sorted our room out in readiness for using our Geuther Anika co-sleeping crib (I seriously wish we would have had this with NOM  – would have made breast feeding sooooooo much easier!) and I’m trying to begin the task that is preparing my maternity bag but haven’t had the urge to do it yet.

My most exciting thing has had to be snuggles with my gorgeous niece Eleanor! I cannot believe how tiny she is – tiny but gorgeous! And she was so good! not a cry in sight! Here’s hoping little man is like his cousin rather than his sister who never slept until 8 months! lol x

We are also on chicken pox watch. Shingles are going around NOM’s nursery and with her not having had chicken pox yet, I’m fully expecting this to grace our presence. I’d rather her get it now when she’s young anyway but she’s been very out of sorts this week, what with having a random high temp all day Tuesday and being quite unsettled for the rest. I’m thinking it could be the start of it but you never know! I’m just obsessed now with watching for those dreaded blisters. Really hoping that if she gets them, then it will be a mild case (my poor girl!)

NOM Collage

Well on to the countdown to week 35….

wonder what my last week at work will bring before Easter…



  1. You look great, you look like you’re blooming, ignore everyone and their rude comments, you enjoy your bump! I’m short and always carried an immense bump and had lots of comments, by no.3 you’re not bothered 😀
    I don’t have any experience of induction, caesarian or anything like that so I can’t help, my special skill was having babies – sadly it’s very limited and not transferable!!
    I hope if/when she gets the pox she copes really well. Mine have all had a good dose and not caught it again, but none of them were ill with it xx

    • Thanks hun! no sign of the dreaded pox yet! just the terrible twos! lol x

  2. I think that’s a beautiful bump! I don’t have any experience of an induction after a c-section unfortunately, but I have had two emergency sections and one planned. My first emergency was relatively calm and only called such as I wasn’t booked in for it. My planned section was amazing and so calm BUT still a huge deal as at the end of the day it is major surgery. But what was most important to me was that I had been listened to and I was able to have the birth I wanted. I was only able to make the decision about what birth I wanted with support of my husband and my medical team so my advice would be to talk talk talk. Find out what your options are about the planned section and arm yourself with all the facts you can. Good luck
    x xx

    • Thanks hun! I definitely will! I’m quite happy for a VBAC if he come naturally, it’s induction that terrifies me but will discuss with consultant at my 37 week check up! xxx

  3. I think you look lovely, beautiful bump pic. I’m only 19+2 with my fourth but don’t do bump pics because I look/am fat rather than pregnant looking.

    It’s natural to fear the unknown but remember more ppl write about bad induction experiences than good not because the bad makes a better story! Plenty of positive inductions happen too.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon.

  4. You look fantastic. You are pregnant you can look how ever you want and is comfortable. Sorry you have had a tough time. Bless you. Not long and you will be holding your gorgeous bundle of joy soon. Hope the pox don’t come and your little one gets better soon. #sharefriday

  5. Totally get where you’re coming from – My first was born by section, my second I was suffering GD and to be induced (by fricking balloon – never ever agree to that!) but ended up with a section anyway.

    From my own experience I would always go for the induction and just see how things go. I regret that I was never able to give birth naturally and would feel that even more if I’d just gone for the planned section – at least I know I tried.


  6. I think you look fabulous – absolutely blooming and lovely. Ignore anyone who says otherwise; you’ll always get nasty people. You look great. Hope the pox didn’t make an appearance

  7. I had an emergency section with B as she was undiagnosed breech, and was in two minds about whether to go for a VBAC or elective section with A last year, partly because he was due 12 days before B’s 4th birthday and I really didn’t want to be in hospital for that. Going for an elective section would obviously have given me much more control over timings. I had great support from midwives and my consultant, and eventually decided to go for a VBAC if things happened naturally around my due date, but booked an elective section for a week before B’s bday so I knew I had every chance of being home by then. I was insistent from the outset that I would rather have another section than be induced, but the day before my due date I got in a total panic about having a section and planned to call my MW the next day to see if I could be induced at the weekend on the basis if it didn’t work my section was booked for the Monday anyway. Before I could do that, I went into labour at 2am on my due date and A was born at 7.50pm!! I’ll be honest, I was in as much pain as I had been after my section (just in different places!!!), but I was home the following lunchtime, was able to drive B to nursery and generally keep things as normal as possible for her. I know induction puts a different slant on things, but give all those old wives tales of how to get labour started a try!! I also got a sweep before my due date because they knew I wanted things to get going. Sorry, longest comment ever!! Good luck!

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