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Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in My Family, Pregnancy | 1 comment

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36 weeks pregnant  – getting ready for the arrival!

36 weeks pregnant – getting ready for the arrival!

Well I’ve missed my 35 weeks pregnancy post so I’m skipping a week! lol.

Little man will be making his arrival in just under 4 weeks (unless he’s kind to me and comes before I’m induced) and I’m feeling much less prepared than with NOM’s arrival. I think I’ve got in in my head that ‘oh I’ve done it all before, it will be ok!’ And I’m sure it will be…. I hope!!

As I’m currently on Easter holidays (yes I’m still working! eek!), I’ve been in nesting overdrive – washing everything in site. My poor washing machine but at least I’ve been able to use my new rotary airer which I was so excited to use (sad I know!). I’ve put off washing the 0-1 month clothes as I wanted to wait till my last growth scan on the 17th to see if it is worth doing as if he’s predicted to still be huge, I might as well put him straight into 0-3 months. I’m not used to this a NOM was in tiny baby clothes for the first month and was only just going in to 3-6 months clothes at 6 months. I’m growing a chubster! I must admit that I feel a bit sad that he’s not going to be dinky like NOM….I really loved how petite she was and that she stayed petite for so long but I suppose every little one is different.

I am still yet to finish my maternity bag. I now have all of little one’s things in there but my stuff is holding me back. I can’t remember how I managed to fit everything in the same bag last time. Its already overflowing and I’m still to put in my changes of clothes and toiletries. This should be a fun job which I think is half the reason I’m putting it off.

I am currently feeling very tired now. My hips are really suffering as well, especially lay at night. Turning over to find a comfortable position is agony. It feels like my legs are being ripped apart at times. People say I’m looking well though so at least I don’t look as weary as I feel. Always a bonus!


36 weeks pregnant


There is one thing that is serious getting on my nerves now and that’s this gestational diabetes. I’ve not had chocolate or anything sweet since I was diagnosed at 27 weeks pregnant and not being able to eat what I want is starting to grate on me. Not only that, I’m fed up with carting round a huge bright yellow sharps bin and my glucometer everywhere – it’s just so bulky and hard to hide. Plus I’m getting more forgetful and have missed a few readings lately as well as forgetting to pick up my diabetic kit once or twice when I’m off out for the day. I dread to think what thy are going to say to me on Thursday at the diabetic clinic with all these missed results but I am only human – surely we all forget sometimes? As they’ve left me for a month with my readings being well managed, I am non the wiser as to what the plan is now for the last few weeks of pregnancy and will do a follow up post after my hospital appointment(s) on Thursday. I really can’t wait to spend the whole morning in the antenatal clinic – I feel like I live there sometimes.

My Geuther Anika co-sleeping crib is to be put up this week and I can’t wait to use it. If only I’d have had one with NOM, it would have made breast feeding so much easier. I will explain about these bedside cribs in more detail when I have photos of mine to share with you but they are seriously ace! I just hope he likes to sleep in it. My lovely poddle pod is ready to use along with its spare covers but I am still in two minds about whether or not to use the moses basket this time round or just stick with just the poddle pod.

co sleeper and poddle pod


My sister’s little one over at itstartedwithasquish has loved her toddle pod so they’ve not used anything else during the day apart from their fab little green sheep snuzpod, so I’m seriously considering just not using the moses basket and relying on the comfort of the poddle. I think this is a case of we shall see how it goes…

I’ve finally started to buy some little outfits for little man now as all he’s got to wear are baby grows and vests. I know that this is all that he will wear at first but as everyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a shopaholic and when it comes to my kids, I do go a bit mad so now that the weather seems to becoming more Summer like, I thought I would invest in some cute outfits for him (NOM has a whole wardrobe full of gorgeous Summer clothes that I bought in the Next sales last year).

next outfits

Well until Thursday’s appointment comes and goes, I am none the wiser as to where the end of this pregnancy is heading so until then, it just a case of waiting and preparing…..

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  1. Argh I hated the 35 week plus stage. I thought it went on forever with my 1st from 35 weeks till the end. The nesting stage is lovely. Getting the home lovely and homely and clean and ready for the arrival. Hope to keep in touch after baby is here and see your birth story 😉 xx

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