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About me


I’m Chrissy! A full time working mummy, teacher and long suffering wife of @petemarriott84 (he’s ok really!). We are now a family of four, where we have been blessed with our beautiful 2 year old girl (born October 2011), NOM and our newborn son L (born April 2014).

I’ve been a teacher for nearly 5 years now with my experience being within the Early Years age range. I am currently based in a Nursery in a local school in Oldham, working with 3-4 year old children and I can honestly say that no day is ever the same (it’s certainly not boring being a pre-school teacher!).

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog since my maternity leave with NOM but since the hecticness that is working full time and being a mum began, it never quite happened. I’ve now bitten the bullet and will be entering the world of blogging, talking about my life as a mum, our life as a family and mixing these with my experiences of teaching young children.

I hope that you’ll join me in my blogging journey which at the minute seems quite daunting for this newbie blogger!