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Posted by on Oct 26, 2014 in Reviews, Teacher talk | 0 comments

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Back to work with Twinkl resources

Back to work with Twinkl resources

As I write this blog post, I am currently in my final few days of maternity leave and sat thinking about my impending first week back in my position as a Nursery Teacher. I have done some keeping in touch days so have met my new classes and talked with my team about what we need to do during the first week so now it’s time to plan what I need to teach.

There are some really good websites out there for us teachers to help cut our resource finding time down and I am no stranger to using Twinkl which is a fab website full of resources to support those who teach primary aged children.

logoI have always used the free aspects of the website as these have met my needs most of the time but was really pleased to be offered a platinum subscription to try as I knew that some of the resources I wanted to try were subscription only, particularly the powerpoint resources.

Having a browse through the website I found it to be attractive and easy to navigate. There are sections for the different Key stages that teachers work in, ranging from Early Years to KS2 along with a section dedicated to Special Educational Needs, International Primary Curriculum and even for parents. In each section you can then browse even further by subject, topic, class management etc. which is great if you have something specific in mind to find.

Resources come in the form of worksheets, printable displays, powerpoints, games, activities, visual aids…. the list is endless! They are always of high quality and come in various prints to suit the age of the children you teach, which for me is particularly important when thinking about letter formation and handwriting. I’ve also made some lovely displays and role play areas using some of the resources on the Twinkl website; they are lovely and eye catching using a range of made pictures and real life photos to help with children’s imagination and play.

My first week back we will be concentrating on looking at fireworks and bonfire night celebrations so off I typed the keywords fireworks and hey presto, a long list of resources linked to fireworks popped up. I soon found some great firework photos for my focussed activity (creating firework pictures using powder paint and toothbrushes) and a really useful powerpoint video showing various firework displays to use on my interactive whiteboard. I will also be using this great information powerpoint on Bonfire night to show to my Nursery class as it is a very simplified version of what we know about Bonfire Night which is perfect for little minds to understand.

If you haven’t found the perfect ready made resource on the Twinkl website then you can skip to the their create section which allows you to design and print your own basic resources such as flash cards and visual aids (available only to premium subscriptions). A great addition to the website!


They have also added a forum for teachers, childminders, parents and everyone alike to be able to post requests for support, ideas and for resources whenever needed as well as help using the website and resources already available on the Twinkl website. A nice touch especially for those who may need a little help with the technical side of using the Twinkl resources or even to just speak to others in the same mindset for sharing expertise and ideas.

Now as with most teaching resource sites, there are usually some costs to subscribe to access certain resources and Twinkl is no stranger to that. They offer 3 levels of subscription, the first being totally free which gives you access to the majority of resources on the website; the second being a gold subscription costing £24.99 per year and a platinum subscription costing £39.99 a year. See below for what you get for your money with each subscription:


I do think that it is value for money with it working out at £3.33 a month for the top subscription as you have access to their full bank of resources, but from a teacher’s perspective I would like the option to pay it monthly rather than all at once as it would make it a more manageable way to pay as some may find paying £39.99 up front quite a costly overhead.

Twinkl is a great resource website if you are in Primary Education and even for parents helping to support their children at home. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and friends most of which I am sure are already familiar with it! I am now planning a weekly blog post about the resources I will be using from my subscription to the Twinkl website showing how I have used them in my teaching, so please do pop back to the blog to find out how I am getting on!

If you want to find out more about Twinkl and the range of resources they have to offer then please do give them a visit over on their website and social media:





*In order to complete this review, I was given a years platinum subscription to the Twinkl website free of charge but all my comments and views are my own*


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