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Posted by on May 24, 2014 in L, My Family | 5 comments

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Dear L – 1 month old

Dear L – 1 month old

Age: 1 month

Weight: 8lb 6oz

Dear L,

I can’t believe I am writing this post. You are now 4 weeks old. It didn’t seem two minutes ago that you were still comfy in my tummy, with me uncomfortably waddling around.

dear l pregnant

You surprised us all by coming two weeks early. You must have been too keen to meet us all. I have to admit little one that mummy found it hard delivering you into the world but once she saw your beautiful face; your tiny toes and perfect fingers, all the pain became somewhat of a distant memory.

dear l 1 month col 1

You are very different to your big sister. You seem much more chilled and settled but you are a very hungry little boy! After a shaky start to breastfeeding when you were born, you certainly have mastered it well. You feed without fail every 2 hours and although mummy is very tired, she is proud that you are growing so well on mummy’s milk as you’ve put on nearly 2lbs already (although everyone says you are tiny!?!).

You have changed so much over the last 4 weeks. Not only have you grown in size, but in your mannerisms and personality. You will not wait to be fed, it has to be NOW (you even scared daddy by trying to suck milk out of him)! You have a funny way of looking around with your wide eyed stare. I cannot wait till you can see more of your surroundings, and most of all your first smile. You love being in a sling, being close to mummy. But your are physically so strong! You can lift your head for a few seconds and you enjoy bobbing your head about, especially when being winded. I am glad that you appear not to struggle with reflux like your big sister, but you do like to hold on to your wind. Mummy is hoping this gets better as you get older but she is still a bit worried that your tongue tie┬ámaybe affecting your latch and giving you a poorly tummy but we shall see….

dear l 1 month col 2

Your big sister NOM wasn’t too sure of you when she first met you. It has taken her a few weeks to get used to you being around but she now dotes on you. She talks about you all the time when in nursery and you’re never to far away from her thoughts. She has begun to give you kisses and wants to give you your dody when you cry. Mummy is proud to watch her interact with you and she cannot wait until you can interact back more. Mummy is excited to see the sibling bond between you both grow.

big sister



family portrait


Although you have been here just four weeks, it is like y0u’ve been a part of our family forever and we are so excited to see you grow as a person. Lets see what month 2 has in store for us!

Lots of love,

Your Mummy xx


  1. Aww your children and beautiful, congratualtions to you all on your newest arrival. I’m so glad you have enjoy your first month and little man is doing well ­čÖé x #sharefriday
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