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Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in Child development, L, My Family | 4 comments

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Dear L – 2 months old

Dear L – 2 months old

Age: 2 months

Weight: 10lb 7oz

Dear L,

You’re now 2 months old! You’ve also grown so much since my last post a month ago. We are finally putting you into 0-3 months clothes and for some reason you have long arms and legs unlike your big sister. It’s a mystery where you get these long limbs from as if you look at your mummy and daddy, neither of us are blessed with height so you may have skipped these unfortunate genes! You are putting on weight beautifully and I am sure soon we will be getting out those 3-6 month clothes (cue a little *sob* from mummy).

You’re now developing your own personality and staying awake for longer periods. You definitely love to be cuddled and held, making it tough on your mummy to get much done in the day but she wouldn’t have you any other way. You’re beginning to interact with mummy and daddy more and make the funniest facial expressions – you make everyone laugh! I also think you’ve inherited your daddy’s grumpiness as some of the grumpy faces and bottom lips you pull are priceless.

Last month mummy was worried about you having problems with wind and hoping you weren’t going to be like your little sister in developing the dreaded reflux. We think you are getting much better at dealing with your wind and you seem much happier in yourself. You are even sleeping for longer periods at night with only one night feed which mummy thinks is fantastic! Please can you speak to your big sister about this sleeping at night – she needs to learn from you!

NOM is now much more relaxed with you now and it is obvious how much she adores you. She always talks about you to everyone and if you are not with me she will ask where you are. NOM doesn’t like to hear you cry – this prompts her to find your dody and give it you whether you want it or not but it’s gorgeous to watch how caring she can be towards you. I think you definitely have a big sister who is going to look out for you when you get older.

And your biggest achievement this month has to be…….. your first SMILE!!!

smiling Collage

Yes mummy has been waiting for this since you were born and it was lovely to finally see! I’m so looking forward to seeing you smile more my little man which I’m sure I will! Looking forward to another month of watching you grow little man!

dear l 2 Collage

Lots of love,

Your Mummy xxx


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