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Posted by on Sep 7, 2014 in L, My Family | 0 comments

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Dear L – 4 months old

Dear L – 4 months old

Age – 4 months

Weight: 12lb 5oz

Dear L,

Mummy has been a bit busy over the Summer (since out last post) with us going on lots of outings as well as a few sleepless nights and clingy daytimes, so she will admit that she has missed your 3 month post (sorry my little man)! We have just been enjoying spending time as a family so much that your 3rd month went by so fast and now you’re 4 months!

You are getting so strong now! You do not like lying down and prefer to sit on someone’s knee or even attempting to stand with the support of an adult. I am anticipating you being an early mover and very much like your daddy who was climbing out of his cot at 13 months. This aversion to lying down means you do not find any of the floor toys you have entertaining in anyway and you much prefer to company of adults and interacting with them. You are not fussy with who they are, just as long as you are with someone. This makes days with mummy difficult sometimes when she needs to get things done and you just won’t let her, so we spend lots of days cuddling although mummy sometimes wishes you would give her a break sometimes!

Dear L 4 months

Sleeping has improved. You seem to be grasping night time as the time to be in the land of nod with usually one night feed (2 night feeds at most) although there is no pattern as to when that feed might be. Day time sleeping seems to be somewhat of a rarity with you being the king of cat naps. No sooner have you nodded off for a snooze, your eyes are wide open again looking for mischief. I have now come to the conclusion that you are just not a day time sleeper and that you are far too nosey for your own good, but as long as it makes you a good night time sleeper then mummy is happy.

Your sister dotes on you. As you become more interactive with her, she relishes wanting to look after you. When you’re not there, she asks where you are. When we go somewhere, she checks to make sure you are coming as well. I have also come in to the room to see why you are crying to find NOM keeping you company, talking to you, comforting you and lastly trying to force your dummy into you mouth (in a loving way!). It’s fair to say that NOM has accepted you as part of the family and it’s lovely to see how she’s developing her own bond with you and vice versa.

dear L 4 months 2

We are still going strong with breastfeeding. We also managed to have your tongue tie snipped which has made a huge difference as you are now going longer between feeds, you are less gassy and can now stick your tongue out making your latch much more effective and powerful. It was funny to see you playing with your tongue in your mouth as you were able to move it freely and I am glad that we went ahead with getting it done, even if it did traumatise mummy a bit.

You are such a smiley boy. Anyone who smiles at you, you usually reply with a smile back – mummy loves those smiles! I still cannot believe how long you are. Coming from a short mummy and daddy, we presume that they have come from some other gene pool or most likely, your legs with eventually even out and you will sadly be blessed with the shortie legs that your poor sister has also had the joy of inheriting.

dear L 4 months 3

dear l 4 months 4

We have lots to look forward to L over the up coming months as we move onto weaning and hopefully we may see you sitting up! Mummy cannot wait 😀

dear l 4 months 5

Lots of love,

Your Mummy xxx



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