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Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in My Family, NOM, Play activities | 0 comments

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Easter nest making with the toddler

Easter nest making with the toddler

With Easter fast approaching, we decided to get NOM involved in some simple Easter activities. I thought the easiest one for a toddler would be to make simple chocolate covered Easter nests.

After a quick haul at Home Bargains and Asda buying various Easter themed cake decorating items, we had everything we need!


Mummy began by melting the chocolate with NOM helping to stir the chocolate to encourage it to melt. She then began adding the rice crispies a handful at a time, exploring the texture of them as she sprinkled them into the bowl. I then added more of the rice crispies by pouring them out of the bag and encouraging NOM to stir them in as I did it. I emphasised the vocabulary stir, more and add, encouraging her to talk about she was doing as she was doing it.

stirring melted chocolate

Once we had covered all the rice crispies with the melted chocolate, it was time to scoop them into the Easter cake cases. NOM was very excited at this prospect and had really good physical control in completing the task. She wanted to explore using different spoons too, using size vocabulary to describe them as she asked to use them (big, little) which I encouraged.

scooping the cakesThen it was time to decorate the cakes with the different Easter decorations we had bought – although NOM thought the little mini eggs were too good to use for decorations and much preferred eating them instead! She enjoyed counting the eggs as she put them on the cakes and managed to shake the whole contents of the heart decorations all over one cake…. but she had fun and they looked fab by the end of it.

easter cake decorating

And here are the finished products….

easter cakes

and daddy has proceeded to eat most of them!!

And the best bit of the whole activity…..

licking the bowllicking the bowl of course!

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