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Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in My Family, NOM, Reviews | 0 comments

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Exploring Little Live Pets at Eureka!

Exploring Little Live Pets at Eureka!

Recently we were invited to explore the launch of Little Live Pets over at Eureka! in Halifax. Little Live Pets come in the form of a range of beautiful birds and butterflies that will keep any child entertained with their interactive features and colourful designs.

When we arrived at Eureka! we went straight to the Little Live Pets demonstration room which was busy full of children enjoying the range of activities that had been set up in celebration of the Little Live Pets launching.

The Little Live Pets Birds (RRP £9.99 each) come in six different colours and allows a child to interact with them by responding to being touched through singing, chirping and tweeting. They also have a record and repeat feature allowing a child to record something they say for upto 10 seconds and the pet bird will mimic them back like a real bird. Now it wasn’t the birds that caught NOM’s eye, it was those Little Live Pets Butterflies (RRP £12.99 each)!

NOM little live pets

These really are beautiful and NOM loved how they moved in her hand, flapping and fluttering their wings. These are also rechargeable by sitting on its flower pad charger as well as being mountable onto walls.

It was nice to see the birds and butterflies in their bird cages and butterfly houses as it added that extra real life take on them as pets. These are additional accessories to purchase alongside your Little Live Pet with the birdcages retailing at £19.99 each (with 2 to collect) and the butterfly houses at £22.99, but each one contains either an exclusive bird or butterfly in with the price.

little live pets

I think that these interesting and life-like Little Live Pets were certainly capturing the imaginations and attentions of all the children who came into the Little Live Pets demo! NOM then enjoyed taking part in the activities that had been set up for everyone which included making a butterfly light catcher, colouring and the most enjoyable – face painting! NOM was very impressed with her pink glittery butterfly!

little live pets

Now it was time to explore the rest of Eureka! I hadn’t been to Eureka! in years – not since I was a child but I always remembered it to be fun and hands on so I was expecting NOM to be in her element. We were not disappointed!

We started in the sound section, exploring ways in which sounds can be changed and made through the different exhibitions that were hands on, allowing little hands to mess with many a button, handle and lever. NOM was fascinated by everything and found it a refreshing change to be allowed to touch things without being told not to.

Then came the most exciting part that NOM got involved with…. this came in the form of a shop, bank, house, car garage, construction site and post office. All containing real life props that mimicked what would actually be used in each role play area. There were lots of excited little hands working the tills, using the ATM machine, pretending to cook, delivering parcels etc. It was lovely to see such great role play from everyone involved and the learning that each child was making their own.

Now it was Nanna’s turn to go around with NOM as alas L needed feeding so mummy had to make her way to the mother feeding room (which I found great for breastfeeding mums and a big thumbs up from me Eureka!). They went off to explore the All About Me section and I didn’t see them for another hour. NOM was that engrossed in what was going on that they both spent most of the afternoon there. Nanna informed me that NOM loved exploring the baby section where you could listen to a baby’s heartbeat in mummy’s tummy and look after the babies (one of NOM’s favourite past times). By this time, NOM was getting tired so we decided to make our way outside to get some fresh air.

little live pets

Outside is as much fun as inside with the giant sand pit, oversized connect four, more picnic areas and a lovely story tent with showings of different stories throughout the day (which sadly we missed the different showings). We also found a picnic area where a train carriage had been made into a place where you could sit and have your dinner and a rest. NOM loved exploring what the inside of a train looked like and ironically, Halifax train station literally is sited just outside of the museum so we were able to watch them go past from inside of the train carriage.


We had a really great day out at Eureka! It was such fun for NOM and I can see how it appeals to children of all ages, making learning hands on which is how I remember it from my childhood. Entry costs £4.95 for children aged 1-2 (free for under 1s) and £11.95 for everyone else but what’s so good about this is that once you pay for one visit, if you go to their annual pass booth you can upgrade your day pass to an annual pass for free, meaning you can then visit Eureka! as many times as you like for the rest of the year for FREE! Such a fantastic offer, especially as they have lots of different events going on throughout the year.

A big thank you to Little Live Pets and Eureka! for a fantastic day!

*Please note, that in order for me to complete this review, I was invited to the Little Live Pets Launch and gained entry to Eureka! for free but all my comments and views are my own*

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