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Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in My Family | 0 comments

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Getting my camera off auto

Getting my camera off auto

Now a few weeks back (yes, my blog organisational skills need to be given a bit of an overhaul!) I had the pleasure of attending a great DSLR camera workshop delivered by the talented photographers at Manchester Photographic courtesy of Currys. The aim was to help improve our photography skills by getting our camera off its automatic setting and exploring exactly what it could do when in the know how.

I as usual was fashionably late (due to the tram) and spent the first 15 minute of the workshop running around the streets of Manchester searching for the Manchester Photographic studios. Thankfully I had just missed the introduction so quickly making my way to a spare seat, I got my camera out ready for action!

Now I quickly realised that my camera was certainly not in the same league as some of the other bloggers who were attending, so much of the techniques and camera features discussed I couldn’t put into practice, but it was really informative and will definitely help me in the future should I ever upgrade my camera to a DSLR. I think the most interesting aspect that we learnt about was aperture and although my camera couldn’t take part, it was really good to see how this can make your photos come alive depending on what you want  focus on.


After a morning of learning different DSLR camera features and how these can improve your photography, it was time for a yummy lunch and to be able to have a chat with other bloggers. We then came back together and were put in groups in order to put our new photography skills in to practice, focussing on a particular aspect of the food festival that was taking place in the city centre. We were set the task of capturing the branding of the different food outlets whilst others had to capture the actual cooking of the food; general aspects of the festival and people attending the festival.

We made our way down to the town hall where the food festival was taking place outside and off we went in our groups. Now I must admit that at first it felt a bit strange going around photographing total strangers, different outlets and aspects of Manchester itself, but once I got into it, I quite enjoyed it! It’s not something I’ve ever done before just taking photos for the fun of it. Most of the time it’s always got some purpose such as for reviews; taking photos of family or trying to capture a perfect moment for my blog so it was nice just to take photos without a hidden agenda. Very enjoyable!

Now my camera didn’t have all the expert features of the DSLRs that some had but I took it off auto and used what features my camera did have to offer to try to capture what I could of the food festival. And here are the fruits of my labour:

Now I have to pick my favourite capture of the day and for me I think it has to be this one:


A big thank you to the team at Manchester Photographic – I would definitely recommend them as they really know what they are talking about when it comes to photography – and also to Currys for allowing us to take part in the workshop. I had a great day and I am hoping to carry on keeping my camera off that auto setting!

*Please note that I was invited to attend the photography workshop at Manchester Photographic free of charge but my experiences of the day are my own*

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