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Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in L, My Family, NOM, Reviews, Uncategorized | 1 comment

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Having fun with the All New Teletubbies Toys!

Having fun with the All New Teletubbies Toys!

As our last post announced, we have been lucky enough to try out some of the new range of Teletubbies toys that are available from mid January. I think I was just as excited about seeing these as it definitely was like going back to my own childhood those many moons ago!

NOM and L were fascinated with the large white box I placed in front of them and they delved in with eagerness to see what was in it. After having fun spilling out the foam bits from the box, NOM began to find the Teletubbies toys hidden within. As we unraveled them, NOM and L were keen to have a closer look and an explore.

teletubbies 1


In our box we had six different toys to play with. We had a lovely soft talking Laa-Laa which NOM immediately took a liking to along with two smaller Supersoft 6 inch versions of Dipsy and Po that were little soft toys. L on the other hand went for the smaller model toys that came in the form of Tinky Winky, Po and of course Noo-noo.

teletubbies 2

The Laa Laa Talking Soft toy was an instant hit. It caught NOM’s attention with the short simple phrases it said when its tummy was pressed, and was it a good size to cuddle and play with without being too hard to press to make it talk.


The smaller 6-inch Supersoft Collectable toys (we had Dipsy and Po) were a cute alternative and although they didn’t have the interactive appeal, I can see them being those that children will collect to have the full set of at hand.

Here’s NOM demonstrating the talking Laa-Laa Soft Toy:

The little Noo-noo figure was the biggest hit with L. He spent most of the morning pushing it around the floor and as it had movable wheels underneath, it was easy to move on a range of surfaces. It was also a good size for little fingers giving him a good grip as he moved Noo-noo along the floor.

teletubbies 3The other figures we received (Poo and Dipsy) didn’t really appeal to NOM and L as they didn’t really do much but having said that, I think they would have been much better suited if we would have had the bigger playsets for them to use their imagination a bit more, such as the Superdome Playset (which is modelled on the Home Dome where the Teletubbies live) or the  Pull Along Tubby Custard Machine. I think having these would have made the figures more meaningful rather than just on their own as NOM and L didn’t really know what to do with them, but I can see them being a great addition to one of the bigger playsets.

We only sampled a small number from the whole range that is available to buy so there is plenty choose from. Larger playsets and toys range from £49.99 but the smaller toys go down to as little as £3.99. If you wanted to purchase the options we tried out, the talking Laa-Laa soft toy would set you back £9.99 (which I think is a really good competitive price as NOM really loved this toy!), the plush toys being £6.99 each and the collectable figures £3.99 each so certainly not breaking the bank prices. I definitely think that if you are purchasing from the collectable range, then a larger playset to go with them would be beneficial to make them more appealing to play with. I would definitely purchase the talking soft toys as I think they are good value for money and have good interactive features for the price you pay.

If you would like to find out more about the new range of Teletubbies toys then please do come along to the Teletubbies twitter frenzy party on Wednesday 20th January at 1pm over on the twitter feed. We look forward to seeing you there!

*Please note that in order for me to write this review I was sent a selection of the new range of Teletubbies toys to review but all my views are my own*



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