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Posted by on Jun 29, 2014 in My Family, NOM, Reviews | 0 comments

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Mr. Pete, Where Are Your Feet? – A Review

Mr. Pete, Where Are Your Feet? – A Review

NOM loves books. She happily gazes through her collection at home and gets engrossed in them easily, so we jumped at the chance to be given the opportunity to review a new book written by the lovely Katherine Bartlett.

mr pete


We were given a copy to download so although we didn’t receive a hard copy, NOM and I were able to read the book on our tablet and computer which she enjoyed as it was something new and different.

The front cover is attractive and NOM loved it as it had a Pete the parakeet on it – she  loves animals so that was definitely a big plus for us! We then read the book together. The book is a lovely story about how Pete the parakeet searches for his feet as he doesn’t have any. Along the way we meet lots of other birds as characters who then try to help Pete find his feet in different places but with no success. In the end, his owner (or mommy) tells him that it’s ok for him to not have feet and that being different makes him who he is.

The book is nicely illustrated with the pictures being colourful and relevant to what is going on at each point of the story. It was also really nice to see that the author had used her own pet birds as a basis of the characters in the story – you even get to meet them at the end of the book which is a nice personal touch.

NOM loved interacting with the different bird characters we met throughout the story and she understood that Pete the parakeet’s owner loved him in the end, but I did feel that for her age (2.5 years) the story was a bit too long (35 pages) and hard to follow without me commentating for her and explaining things in more detail. I do think that the story is aimed at school age children, and as the teacher in me would say, it would make a great circle time story as it allows children to explore how they feel about being different from others, just like Pete the parakeet in the story.

The book is available to buy from (for $14.39) and (for £9.57).

Overall a cheerful story with a lovely hidden meaning that the author has personalised by using her own pets as a basis for the characters.

*Please note, that in order for me to complete this review, I was able to download a copy of the story free of charge, but all my comments and views are my own*


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