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Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in My Family, Pregnancy | 11 comments

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NOM – My birth story

NOM – My birth story

Well little man is due in the next 4 weeks and as I am having a few apprehensions about giving birth, I thought I’d re-live NOM’s to refresh my memory!

My pregnancy with NOM was good up until I reached 36 weeks when I ended up in hospital with high blood pressure. Cue the start of mat leave and the countdown to her arrival. I must admit that I was getting pretty uncomfortable by now and sleep was non existent (pretty much how I’m feeling now actually lol!).Β The week of the 28th October I was getting the usual aches and pains and was losing snot (sorry for the TMI) like discharge but it wasn’t bloody so thought nothing of it!

Wednesday 26th October – evening
After another terrible nights sleep (thank god for facebook in the early hours otherwise I would have gone mad!) my family came to see me for tea. I was having a bad time getting comfortable in any position – lying, sitting so I spent most of their visit stood up. Mum kept asking me if I was ok but I just put it down to NOM moving downwards and getting ready. Looking back now I must have been having contractions but as I’d had no braxton hicks I didn’t know the difference and just got on with it.

Thursday 27th October
Again another rubbish night sleep and trying to get comfy was a near impossible task. So I spent the day cleaning and trying to get some sleep as for some reason I could sleep better in the day. Hubby came home from work and we had tea as normal and went to bed around 10ish. We watched TV for a bit and I noticed the general aches and pains were getting a bit stronger. Mentioned it to hubby and he just said to try and get some sleep (typical bloke huh?).

Friday 28th October
I was up and down the next few hours and even came on facebook to talk my lovely due in November mummy group to ask whether they could be contractions. I then decided to put a wash on???? This was at 1am. I decided to wake hubby up then and he said we would time them. We realised that the pains were coming every 5 mins! eeek! I rang the hospital and they told me to come in. At the time we were looking after the hubby’s parents cats so we had to go and feed them first. Random thing to do with me breathing through these pains! By the time we got to the hospital it was 4am. They already had a room ready for us so I was really impressed as I wasn’t expecting much after my hospital tour. I had to give wee sample and then I had to be examined. No sooner had she put her hand up there (sorry TMI again!) that my waters then gushed all over her! She just looked at me and said “Oh I’ve broken your waters!” I looked at hubby and said well that’s it now then!

I was 5cm when I got in and I was really chuffed to get to that point with no pain relief, but as my waters had now gone the contractions reached a new level. They checked me again at 7am but I had not progressed any further so for some reason they decided to put me on a hormone drip. I always said that if I was to be put on a hormone drip then it would be an epidural (this was after watching many an american birth programme which highlighted what happens when these drips are given – PAIN!!!). So I requested this. In the mean time I was on gas and air in between all these doctors trying to get a saline drip in. My veins are awful and they must have tried everywhere before finally getting a line in. I found this more traumatic at the time especially as I had them prodding me in between the pain of the contractions.

They administered the hormone drip and I had to wait for the epidural as they had a few emergency c-sections so was given di-morphine to take the edge off them. At about 9am they came to give me my epidural which wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was going to be and the relief was amazing! We then spent the rest of the morning watching the film Paul and me being examined every so often to see if I was progressing. They had to up the hormone drip a few times until it was having the desired effect. They wanted me to be having 5 contractions every 10 mins! The midwives I had were lovely and just as I was starting to get the urge to push (my epidural was running out by this point) it was time for their change over. My new midwife examined me at at 4pm and I was fully dilated but they wanted me to wait for a bit before pushing so they left me an hour.

I kept telling hubby that I really needed to push and was finding it really hard not too as my epidural was wearing off by this point and it couldn’t be topped up. My new midwife was not very vocal and spent the time watching the baby monitor and my blood pressure. This carried on for an hour before the midwife said she was going to get the doctor to come and have a look. By this point I was getting a tad worried as she literally just kept looking at the baby monitor and the beeping from my blood pressure machine. A doctor examined me and they decided that I wasn’t going to be able to push NOM out on my own and that they wanted me to go down to theatre to try forceps/ventouse. I really didn’t want forceps but they explained that after an hour she wasn’t moving down and that she needed help. They didn’t tell me that she was getting distressed until a senior doctor came in. All in all I had 3 doctors examine me and the senior doctor pressed on my bump and decided, no forceps delivery – straight to theatre for emergency c-section. He stated that Nieve was getting distressed now and that my bp was getting high enough to be a concern. She was stuck!

Everything felt a bit surreal at this point as I was undressed, stockings put on, consent form signed and off we were wheeled into theatre within 10 mins! They topped my epidural up and tested that I couldn’t feel anything and by this time I was shaking uncontrollably. Hubby was sent to get gowned up and everyone was setting up ready for the c-section. Hubby then sat beside me and off it started. It was really weird having one done as you could feel them poking and prodding but no pain! They really had to push to get NOM out both on my tummy and up through my bits (sorry another TMI line!) as she was well and truely stuck in my pelvis. She was born at 6:01pm but was whisked straight away to another room. She didn’t cry or anything. I kept looking at hubby going is she ok!? Where is she!? Five minutes went by and they were the longest 5 mins of my life! Finally they came back and placed NOM in hubby’s arms! She was beautiful! We found out later that NOM wasn’t breathing properly and that they needed to give her oxygen but she was fine after a few minutes and they kept a good eye on her later.

Hubby then took NOM to our room while I was sewn up.I was back with them in 10 minutes and they placed NOM straight on the breast and she fed! Lovely feeling! It was so surreal to know that I was now a mum!

She was so worth all the pain and we’ve never looked back since!


My beautiful little NOM!!


NOM birth


  1. She looks so cute and tiny. Amazing how quickly you forget all the pain! Good luck with little mans birth, I’m sure he will be worth it!

  2. I had an emergency c-section as well with my first and found the second birth (a planned c-section after trying for a v-bac) really calm by comparison. During my second pregnancy I listened to a hypnobirthing cd I got off Amazon for people who had had C-sections and I cried the first time.. I highly recommend it, even thought I felt fine with the first birth I think I let go of some fears. Event though I didn’t have a v-bac the hypnobithing cd helped me relax and I used the relaxation techniques when getting an epidural which I was nervous about.

  3. She is so beautiful. Well done, momma. I love a birth story. In the end it doesn’t matter how we got them here as long as they are here safe and sound and so is momma. Just lovely. #sharefriday

  4. What a little poppet! Your new baby will be here before you know it! x

  5. All of my kids were delivered by elective C-Section, so I never had the panic of a rush to the hospital or not knowing when the birth would happen. Good luck for the next one! Thanks for linking up #MumdayMonday.
    DannyUK recently posted…Mumday Monday linkyMy Profile

  6. I love a birth story πŸ™‚ I had an emergency c-section with my last baby. It’s pretty scary but as long as you are both safe that is all that matters isn’t it? Good luck with your new baby #MumsdayMonday
    Louisa recently posted…TeenagersMy Profile

  7. Awwwww!!! Gorgeous teeny tiny baby pictures! I wish I had written down at least one of my birth stories πŸ™
    Kate Thompson recently posted…Same Difference Link UpMy Profile

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