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Posted by on May 6, 2014 in Child development, My Family, NOM, Reviews | 1 comment

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Our #realnappyweek experience – the overnight #clothnappy test

Our #realnappyweek experience – the overnight #clothnappy test

Well we’ve had three days of trying out various types of cloth nappy overnight for real nappy week. It has certainly been a good experience in making me realise just how easy using cloth nappies really are! Long gone are the days of terry nappies with plastic covers – cloth nappies nowadays are very much like disposable nappies in their design making the transition into using them quite easy.

As NOM is potty training, the cloth nappies we have been using have been overnight which I think is quite a challenge to give to a cloth nappy. Most people who I’ve spoken to that use cloth nappies regularly, tend to shy away from using them overnight as they tend to have less absorbency and need changing more often, particularly if you have a child that wees lot. Here’s how we got on in our testing:

Day 1

We tried one of the less complicated of the reusable nappies we were trialling  the Bambino Mio MioSolo. I loved the look of this nappy. Every thing was contained within the nappy; featuring a hook and loop fastening; cloth insert (that tucks into its own special pocket) and cute patterned waterproof outer covering.

bambino mio 1 bambino mio 2

The Miosolo was really easy to put on NOM and worked just like a disposable nappy. It was a good fit on her, considering she is probably pushing the size to the maximum levels. NOM was happy and comfortable with it on and was very proud to be wearing her new ‘special pants.’

bambino mio 3Then came the overnight test. NOM isn’t really a big overnight wetter so I didn’t think we needed at extra liner insert so we just put the MioSolo on as it was. She slept her usual 10-12 hours and woke up without any leaks. I must say she did feel damp when we took the MioSolo off so maybe if using overnight again, I will try one of the fleece liners inside as well to see if this helps to keep the dampness off her skin although it didn’t bother her sleep and she seemed fine in herself. I was still impressed with the MioSolo and how very much like a disposable nappy it was. Once finished, we put it straight into the nappy bin, ready for wash day! Simples!

Day 2

We then decided to try the GroVia Hybrid cloth nappy. These were very simple in its design with a waterproof outer shell with a mesh inner layer. The mesh inner layer had empty popper fastenings which allowed the organic soaker pads to be attached inside very simply (please ignore that the soaker pads have a bluish tint to them – this was due to a washing fail on my part including something in the wash where the dye ran onto them!). The nappy fastened with poppers to either side of the outer shell which seemed secure but I did wonder if you had an intuitive little one whether they could easily be pulled apart but NOM didn’t do this and left it very much alone (thank goodness!). I did find choosing the right popper to get a good fit a bit tricky too, especially with a wriggling toddler but we got there after a few tries!

Grovia hybridI was quite sceptical as to whether this cloth nappy would not leak, considering the design was so simple and easy to use. The fit seemed ok on NOM but I was worried that it was quite tight around her legs. I don’t think NOM would have got much use out of these cloth nappies for very long due to this and I think that they would be more suitable for younger children or those who are more on the petite side.

grovia hybrid the fit

I was quite surprised when NOM woke up to no leaks although like the MioSolo, she did feel quite damp to the touch but it had not affected or disturbed her sleep in anyway. I think like the MioSolo, it would benefit from a liner for overnight usage. The one thing that did bother me about this cloth nappy for NOM was the fit around the legs. It did seem to dig into her when we put it on and when we took it off in the morning, it had left red marks around her legs but I think this was more about NOM’s size rather than size of the nappy itself – NOM was just too big for this cloth nappy.

Day 3

Day 3 was a tester day for a TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch cloth nappy. This nappy comes in two parts – a towelling inner nappy and a fun waterproof outer lining that goes over the top. Both have hook and loop fastening and felt secure on NOM when put on her. Like the MioSolo, it had its own liner inside but on the TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch, this is removable to aid quicker drying when washing. We tried the Bamboozle Stretch without an additional lining so that they could all be compared fairly.

totsbots 1

Unfortunately this cloth nappy didn’t keep NOM dry overnight and leaked into her pyjamas. Although it was a good fit on NOM, I don’t think it was absorbent enough for overnight. This would definitely need a booster liner to increase its absorbency for overnight usage although I would think it would be perfectly fine for in the day as you would be changing the nappies more often.

tots bots fitCleaning

All three of the cloth nappies we tried overnight we really easy to clean. The Bambino Mio MioSolo you just put straight into the nappy bin; the GroVia Hybrid you pull out the used soaker pad and put both the outer layer and pad into the nappy bin; and the TotsBots bamboozle stretch you pull out the used liner and put everything in the nappy bin. Once the bin is full enough for a load, off you bung them in the washing machine and put on a normal wash (without fabric softener) and they come out clean and ready to dry for the next use. It’s been fab weather this week so drying them outside has not been an issue although I would imagine the TotsBots Bamboozle stretch taking longer to dry than the others, just because of the thickness of material the inner nappy is made out of.

So Far So Good

My experience so far have been quite positive. I have not found them difficult to use and they are pretty much like a disposable, its just you place them in a special nappy bin ready for washing, rather than just throwing them away. I’m really loving the designs of the outer layers of the nappies as it makes them fun and eye catching, especially for NOM who thought they were her ‘special pants.’ I must admit that I do need to try them in the day to see if they fit into our daily routine well but NOM is just too far into her potty training to start putting her in nappies again in the day so I may purchase a few to try with little man for when he’s a bit bigger. I would also like to re-try the cloth nappies I’ve got overnight with NOM but to place booster liners in them to help increase the absorbency of the nappies. I also think I prefer hook and loop fastenings rather than popper fasteners as I did find them a bit tricky to figure out the best poppers to use for fit, which is not easy with a wriggling toddler and with a wriggler of a newborn now, I think hook and loop maybe the route we go down in the future.

For the rest of the week, we are now going to try the cloth training pants with NOM and I will be documenting how we got on in my next blog post so please pop back to see how we found them!

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*Please note, that in order for me to complete these reviews, I was sent a selection of cloth nappies to try with NOM free of charge, but all my comments and views are my own*


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  1. Glad to hear you’ve been getting on OK with the nappies. We use the Bamboozle Stretch overnight with no problems but we so use the included booster plus an extra bamboo booster too. Hope you stick with it and manage to find the combination that works best for you.
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