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Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Child development, L, My Family, NOM, Play activities, Reviews | 0 comments

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Playtime with Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot

Playtime with Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot

As L is now getting older he is becoming more aware of toys, particularly with exploring and trying to figure out how to work them. He is a very inquisitive child and likes to explore everything so when we were asked to review the Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot floor toy by TOMY I thought it would be a great toy to allow L to develop his motor skills and share the fun with NOM.

The TOMY Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot is part of their Winnie the Pooh range and is aimed at children aged 9 months and older.

tomy hunny pot

The fun begins by posting the balls into the pot which causes them to roll down its spiral centre and pop out randomly though the holes at the bottom, hitting a bell at the end along the way for an extra auditory element. This put-in and take-out play encourages motor skill development as babies pop the balls into the top and anticipate where they will come out from at the bottom.

When we received the toy itself, I found it to be displayed in an appealing way which clearly showed what the toy looked like and the size that it would be. It was tricky to get out of the packaging but I am now finding that this is the same for all toys nowadays (it’s like an additional task in itself trying to figure out how to free toys now from its masses of packaging) and I would say that the packaging was appropriate and not excessive.

winnie the pooh

The Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot was attractive in both colour and shape, and featured some very cute Winnie the Pooh pictures on the outside. Within it was four colourful plastic balls which when shaken, made sounds similar to that of a maraca – a great positive in developing children’s early listening skills and they explore different ways to create sounds. Now to test it with the little ones!

winnie the pooh

As with all new toys, it wasn’t long before both L and NOM had realised that the Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot had joined them on the carpet, as they both moved in to see what it was. NOM knew what to do straight away, popping the balls into the top of the pot and watching them spiral downwards in the middle. L watched this in a curious manner, as if observing what he needed to do with it.

winnie the pooh

Now we soon realised that the balls were not popping through the holes. We then figured out that the holes had been shut for storage purposes when in the packaging. There is a sliding switch underneath the pot which you slide along to open the holes and slide back to close when the toy is not in play so that the balls can be stored safely inside without the fear of being lost. I liked this feature for that reason but did find that you needed to make sure the balls were out of the pot before trying to open or close the holes as the mechanism then got stuck. I also found it bit tricky to get a grasp on the slider as it’s only a small handle but for the small amount of times you would need to use it, this is only a very small issue.

winnie the pooh


Once NOM had finished having a try, L then got stuck in. Now he loved the balls. He loved holding them; rolling them; throwing them; but most of all shaking them as they made a noise which is a great added feature. After watching NOM putting the balls in the top of the pot, he tried to do this himself but tended to pull the pot over rather than leaving it upright. This didn’t put him off and he persevered at popping the balls into the pot but doing it at a sideways angle. I am sure he will soon realise that he doesn’t need to grab the pot in order to put the balls into it but I think he needs to play a bit more with it to understand this.

winnie the pooh

I must say that the Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot held L’s attention much longer than some of his existing toys and it was lovely to see it encouraging sibling play too. Although it is a simple design, I think it’s one that encourages various aspects of physical development as well as listening and attention. The toy itself is attractive and nice to look at; seems durable so should withstand the usual hands on play you get with young children; as well as being a nice size for little hands, but not too big that you have to find somewhere to store it.

The Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot currently retails at £21.99 (but this can vary at different retailers) which I think is quite reasonable and is on par with toys of a similar theme. We would definitely recommend the Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot and I am sure it would make a great gift for those celebrating 1st birthdays.

If you would like to know more about the range of products produced by TOMY then why don’t you pop over to their:




 *Please note that in order for me to write this review I was provided with a Winnie the Pooh Post ‘n’ Roll Hunny Pot but all my views are my own*


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