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Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in My Family, NOM, Reviews | 0 comments

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The Sooty Show Live – A Review

The Sooty Show Live – A Review

sooty show live

Now Sooty was a big part of mine and hubby’s own childhood with it being one of the shows we both regularly watched when we were little. It’s fantastic to see that it is still going strong after all these years, providing entertainment for many children (and adults!) today. When we were offered a ticket to watch the Sooty Show Live at the Stockport Plaza, we thought it would be a fantastic way to spend some quality time as a family, introducing NOM to a piece of our own childhood as the hubby and I secretly pretend that we were really going to the kids and not just for us!

We had really good seats a few rows from the front but it was clear to see that the rest of the audience also had a great view of the stage as we were all situated directly in the seats in front, making it easy for all ages of children to watch. I was able to sit L on my knee meaning if you had a babe in arms, it wouldn’t cost you any extra to bring them which I think is great for families trying to keep costs down without compromising on entertainment.

The stage itself was set up for the whole performance with the set being around Sooty’s birthday party. We got to see all the lovable characters we all know so well; Sooty, Soo and Sweep with Richard Cadell making the show entertaining throughout for both the children and the adults. Be prepared for lots of audience interaction with opportunities for the children to join them on stage, taking part in various activities and given some lovely Sooty themed prizes in return. And for us parents, we get a good spraying of water as Richard uses a plastic water shooter on us all, as well as getting us to dance with the kids when certain sounds were heard throughout the performance.

sooty collage

There is an interlude halfway through the performance which allowed a quick toilet break and purchase refreshments as well as give time for a quick update of the set to change it to the actual birthday party. The entertainment continued in the same fashion as in the first half of the show with lots of fun, laughter, dancing and magic which from looking at NOM’s face, she thoroughly enjoyed (even L was transfixed by the lovely colourful stage)! In total the show (including the break) was around 2 hours long which I think maybe a bit too long for young toddlers (NOM was pushing her limits by the end of it), but you certainly get your money’s worth for the older ones and with it being very interactive, it meant the children weren’t stuck sat down all the time – they were dancing, singing and even hiding from being super-soaked by Richard!

Prices for tickets are £10 per child and £12 per adult or you can purchase a family of four ticket for £38 (saving you £6 based on 2 adults and 2 children). Tickets are available directly from the venue nearest to you with each having two showings; one at 11:30am and the other at 2:30pm giving a choice to suit all the family. There is also the option of purchasing merchandise at the show ranging from a glowing wand (for those ‘Izzy Wizzy, let’s get Busy moments!) to replica hand puppets of the various cast (Sooty, Sweep, Soo) with prices ranging from £5 to £12 so be prepared if you want to purchase something at the show.

Once the show had finished you have opportunity to have your photo taken with Richard and Sooty which was completely free! A really nice memento to the have from the show, particularly as you are unable to take photos of the actual show itself (hence my lack of actual show photos in my post). Alas, NOM had reached her attention limit and the queue to get her photo taken was quite long so we decided to make our way home, but I am sure had NOM been in a better mood she would have loved to have had her photo taken and from the length of the line after the show, there would have been lots of very happy children (and adults!).

We had a lovely time watching the show and would thoroughly recommend it to any child (and adult!), especially if they are Sooty fans!

 *Please note, that in order for me to complete this review, I was given 2 adult and 1 child tickets for free but all my comments and views are my own*

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